Region 4 votes must be verified in accordance with law

Region 4 votes must be verified in accordance with law

Dear Editor,
The Region Three Chambers of Commerce and Industry is deeply concerned about the current situation in Guyana and highly disappointed in GECOM and the manner in which it is operating. We firmly agree the electoral process must reflect the will of the people and this must be established in accordance with the law.

We, therefore, join with the international observers in calling to have the Region Four’s votes verified as stipulated by law. The process of tabulating these votes in the presence of party agents and observers is a provision to ensure the electorate’s voice is reflected fairly and legally. We, therefore, call on GECOM to return to the rightful process in verifying these votes and be aware, any declaration prior to the completion of this process will be premature and lack credibility.
We would also like to remind all parties of the code of conduct agreement signed and expect strict adherence of this.

With regards,
Richard Sukhdeo
Vice President

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