Recount must be done under professional atmosphere

Recount must be done under professional atmosphere

Dear Editor,
A recount of the SoPs or of the votes is needed. However, these must be done under a professional atmosphere and one that is devoid of dysfunction.

As it stands, the GECOM staff cannot be trusted. Naturally, everyone was shocked to witness the dysfunction of the GECOM employees during the tabulation process. But these employees will be allowed to continue to play major roles in the recount process to do more damage.
In many parts of the world, they would have been fired and they would have been forced to face the consequences of the law.

A recount should never move forward under these employees.
Also, the tabulation must be done in a highly transparent manner, especially since GECOM cannot be trusted. To this end, it would be reasonable to tabulate the results in a televised process. This will definitely keep GECOM honest and it will eliminate a string of problems.
Further, Guyanese are highly appreciative of our diplomats and our observers during these elections.

Dr Annie Baliram

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