Reasons why no one wants a perceived dictatorship

Reasons why no one wants a perceived dictatorship

Dear Editor,

It’s important to have a very clear message sent to those that are tempted to succumb to greed and unlawful power-taking. Let’s answer the simple question of what’s next?
After any President who is perceived as a dictator, and his comrades take unlawful control of an ethnically divided country this is what is to be expected:

Economic sanctions will follow while the opposition simultaneously strengthens its ties to the governments of the free world. The government will then realign with allies who are in similar sanctions. The government actors’ assets will be frozen, and illegal drugs and other contraband routes will start to close. Oil funds will lose significance and economic sanctions will increase, while the country’s debt increases and its credit rating deteriorates.
Investors from the free world will withdraw while the government brings investors from other countries experiencing similar sanctions. Internal self-sufficiency will also be accelerated due to increased difficulty to trade.

If not quickly achieved or pursued, local poverty increases as well as diseases and illness. The external and internal propaganda continues to increase to drive regime change. The frequency of covert and overt internal rebellion increases. Territorial challenges reemerge due to internal weakness.
Supporters of the regime start to also rebel, then the government starts to shift its policies via new leadership and eventually fair elections are held and the opposition wins. Sanctions are lifted, but oil assets are now significantly reduced in value. The country is worse off than it is today.

Foreigners and remigrants reenter and aggressively buy up assets at a discount. Local resentment for the past government grows and they are never reelected due to a legacy that is worse than their historical performance from when this happened before. Rebuilding occurs and the new majority ethnicity unity party never relinquishes power due to the fear of a repeat dictatorship.

Given that the APNU + AFC government is at risk of painting itself into a corner where they may gain some years in power, they run the risk of eventually losing power forever. Two key options remain that can salvage this avoidable situation (assuming that a one Guyana policy is maintained):
1. The electoral process of today is followed as required without adding doubt and lack of transparency.
2. An ethnic unity government is formed which is united yet separate, and all resources are used based on the percentage support of the population base.

There is no need for Guyana to envy the current situation in Venezuela nor is there reason to create a legacy similar to that of Brazil’s military coup d’état era. If you would like my help to achieve an unbiased arbitration of the negotiations to help ensure that both a good zone of possible agreement is established and a win-win outcome is achieved, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mr. Changlee
Chairman – The Cooperative Republicans of Guyana

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