Radio Mabaruma being used for political campaigning

Radio Mabaruma being used for political campaigning

Dear Editor,

I am an ardent radio fan of 95.1FM Radio Mabaruma. What happened on Sunday on one of my favourite local shows sent my world crashing.

All along I knew the day would come when we would see the true purpose of the setting up of these FM radio stations across the country. I never thought it would arise like this however. Editor, I am well aware that these radio stations have made the flow of information much easier for those who did not have access to information. I am also aware that these radio stations would not have been possible without our taxpayers’ money. It is only right and just that this media carry unbiased and just information and reporting. It is not just that Radio Mabaruma should be used for campaign purposes and the bashing of the political opposition. For the past few days a group of local broadcasters have been engaged in political lobbying for the cause of the current administration on the programmes aired.

We must be reminded that it is our taxes that fund these radio stations, whether we are government supporters or opposition. For Mervyn Williams, a candidate of the APNU+AFC to be throwing political punches at a Candidate of the PPP/C Brentnol Ashley on this state- sponsored Radio Station is a sure sign of scant disregard for taxpayers. I would expect this of a private media house, not state media. Political campaigns should not be done at taxpayers’ expense. What happened on 95.1FM Radio Mabaruma has certainly brought the integrity of this media under question.

Yours faithfully,

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