Racial divisiveness by the people, to the people

Racial divisiveness by the people, to the people

Dear Editor,

A defining trait of us, the Guyanese people, is our ability to overlook our own complicity in creating and maintaining a racially divided society. Obtrusively through our everyday actions and implicitly in our silences. When we misuse history, creating a deceptive narrative where the occurrence of past events could be used as a proxy for current immorality instead of progressively using our history to light a way out of our current darkness, we are conforming to the longevity of a racist society.

What we have witnessed following our recent general and regional elections are not statements or representations of one particular group, but a visual chronicle of the prolongation of racial division by the people, to the people. We have witnessed the antagonising of the people, only to then be called aggressive by the people doing the antagonising and the further brainwashing of the oppressed so as to give the oppressor their most potent weapon, the mind of those oppressed. We have witnessed the utopic idea that education is the “ibuprofen” of racial division, while dislodging the equally important doses of morality that must be included. We have witnessed the people rebel against the comfort of silence and demand that they be acknowledged, that their rights be valued and their livelihood be protected, although gruesomely savage in their efforts, their requests still remain valid in their enfranchisement as citizens.

What we have yet to witness, however, is the people acknowledging themselves, their complicity, their perpetuation of racial divisiveness but most importantly, we have yet to witness the people relinquish dominion over this individualistic nature and take a united stand against racial discrimination. Only collectivism and true courage to challenge our current socio-political environment as a people, for the people will result in progression and the actual union of our nation.

Yours faithfully,

T.S. London

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