Quite capable of fighting a dictatorship and COVID-19 at same time

Quite capable of fighting a dictatorship and COVID-19 at same time

Dear Editor,
Beware the proponents of electoral fraud who are covertly using the COVID-19 outbreak to gloss over APNU/AFC/GECOM rigging with a view of tricking well-intentioned people into accepting another PNC/APNU dictatorship. They are using beautiful language and invoking laudable concepts such as sovereignty and brotherhood.

These are well-known tricks of their trade. Citizens must remain vigilant and expose such impostors. Guyanese can take comfort in the fact that for the most part, despite our ethnic diversity, we have always lived as one. Like CPL Cricket and the Guyana Amazon Warriors, COVID-19 will bring us closer. However, this does not mean we have to accept a dictatorship in order to fight the coronavirus. Guyanese have the strength and wherewithal to fight both simultaneously.

The IMF deemed Guyana the least prepared country in South America so the new democratically elected Government cannot do worse. We did not arrive where we are overnight. Volda Lawrence and the Ministry of Public Health have displayed a total lack of emphasis for this mega health threat. The former Minister has been preoccupied with electoral fraud at our country’s expense. Many APNU/AFC supporters have seen through their electoral shenanigans and like the rest of us are waiting for a democratic transition.

Citizens are also aware that if the Government is not legitimate Guyana will not receive assistance from the international community and this means people are going to get sick and die in large numbers because of APNU/AFC stubbornness. Can anyone explain how APNU/AFC expects to borrow US$5 million from the international community at this 11th hour to fight COVID-19 while at the same time telling same to stay out of our affairs? Freddie hit the nail on the head when he said mad people are in charge.

Ravi Ram

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