Public Christianity, but immoral acts

Public Christianity, but immoral acts

Dear Editor,
How does Dr Karen Cummings reconcile her apparent public Christianity to her immoral acts as an APNU minister?
She disrespected and threatened international observers who were invited by her Government to witness the elections. Was this the action of a Christian, one who believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ?

She sat alongside Basil Williams who lied to the OAS, and did not fact-check him; but then, she, too, joined the lies.
She said the APNU Government has not been a part of the court cases, but when they lost last Friday, Joe Harmon immediately said they would appeal. They?
She said that David Granger has said he would abide by the Recount and the declaration of GEOCOM, and then the APNU pulls the strings for all the court cases.

How do her fellow church members feel about her lies? Do they worry that lightning may come through the roof and strike her down while at church on Saturday?
Dr Karen Cummings, a one-day Christian, is a bad reflection of the Adventist Church and all who profess the faith.

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