PPP/C serves request for recount of Region 4 votes

PPP/C serves request for recount of Region 4 votes

The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) this morning successful filed a request for a recount of the District Four votes to several Deputy Returning Officers of the Guyana Elections commission.

The Party would have submitted their request in just a fraction of time before the deadline – that is, Friday at noon.

While the request was intended for the Returning Officer, Chairmont Mingo, he could not be reached. As a result, the chain of command will allow for the DROs to hand over the request to Mingo.

Speaking with the media after the submission, PPP Candidate, Sanjeev Datadin explained that Deputy Chief Elections Officer, Roxanne Myers would have prevented the court marshals from entering the building.

“The marshall came to effect service of the orders…The Deputy CEO has been saying that no one is allowed in to serve any orders. That is, of course, contrary to the law. A marshal is permitted to go anywhere and serve an order that a judge has granted. They can’t be stopped, or restrained or interfered with in the execution of their duty.”
He clarified that in the instance of an order of court, knowledge of its existence takes precedence.

He added, “For an order of court to be obeyed, personal service is not required. Knowledge of the order is required. We have circulated it widely to everywhere and to everyone. The newspapers all have carried it so clearly, there is a fair inference that the order is known.”

For now, they are awaiting word from GECOM.

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