Political action needed over Covid-19 emergency

Political action needed over Covid-19 emergency

Dear Editor,

Guyana is about to enter a long dark tunnel called the Corona Virus pandemic. I write from the UK which is in nearly total lockdown – all self-isolated, just  one walk a day allowed and emergency measures for lost income. Guyana faces this now and has to take political action quickly. Thousands are at risk in my mother’s land.

What do I briefly suggest?

  1. The political leaders of the two megaliths meet immediately. Bharrat Jagdeo has to show statesmanship. Time is of the essence.
  2. They declare that the election process in put on pause. That a recount is vital but there are still plenty of shenanigans to be had before a result can be declared. Guyana cannot wait.
  3. Invite international observers to come back and supervise any recounts based on statements of poll and to secure the ballot boxes. Democracy is paramount.
  4. The Chairwoman of GECOM must be involved in this process and declare her intent to deliver an accurate result – eventually. She may have to lose a Mingo in the process.
  5. President Granger now has precious  little support for his position on the election result -a mere sliver. Even his own coalition – bar the ‘Gang of Six’ has turned against his view. There is no international support for it. Accept reality.
  6. Granger should declare, pro tem, a government of national unity, him as interim head with senior positions for members of the Opposition but more importantly for respected non-party political citizens who have made their views known in recent weeks. He knows who they are. They have much to give.
  7. That Unity government should meet and almost instantly
  8. Declare a Covid-19 emergency
  9. Outline compulsory steps like social distancing that have to be taken by people.

iii. Use the GDF for civilian support. Delivering medical supplies, building field hospitals, etc.

  1. Use the Guyana Police Force to act in purely professional ways to offer support and maintain social order .This professionalism has not been to the fore in recent weeks.

The present political stasis and political chaos is not an option. President Granger should think of Guyana and not be a pariah in his own land as well as internationally.

Yours faithfully,

John ‘Bill Cotton/Reform’ Mair

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