PNC’s elections end game will end badly

PNC’s elections end game will end badly

Dear Editor,

What’s David Granger and the PNC’s end game here? Because this does not end well. In fact, it ends very badly. Very badly. Did I say ‘very badly’. There is nothing but pain and complete and utter loss from here. Actually, there will be severe criminal sanctions pushed by the West to send a message not only to the APNU miscreants but to the PPP as well. The PNC as a political entity will be destroyed when this is said and done. More dangerously, David Granger and the PNC are increasingly forcing the West to take drastic steps to safeguard the US billions it sunk into Guyana’s oil industry. As an investor, I see this spectre very clearly. The West has to protect its investments and right now APNU is jeopardizing that investment. We know from abundant historical examples that the West will not stand quietly back and allow anyone or anything to endanger its oil investments. In Guyana’s case, given the return on investment, this is the prize of Exxon’s stability. It will not lose or endanger it.

Let me be blunt. APNU’s actions are exposing this country to interference. It is inviting disaster. APNU’s actions are destructive to our sovereignty. And right now with Putin and Xi right next door in Venezuela and being thorns in the side of the US, the US will see this as a perfect pretext to establish a military presence on Venezuela’s doorsteps as a buffer against that growing Russian and Chinese influence in Latin America and to ensure its oil investment is protected against future despotic madness. And right now, this Granger government is a serious risk to the West’s geopolitical presence in the region now that the West has condignly rejected its electoral thuggery. It is now drowning and grabbing at straws and it will grab at anything to remain in power including Russia and China’s advances. Right now, APNU’s only escape is to court China and Russia’s geopolitical backing and that is probably where they are headed.

Yours faithfully,

M. Maxwell

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