Persons behind manipulation of GECOM need to be placed under house arrest

Persons behind manipulation of GECOM need to be placed under house arrest

Dear Editor,
It has now been in excess of three weeks since the March 02 polls, and virtually everything that can be said or condemned about the current crisis has been said.

The outrageous conduct of the GECOM staff and their declaration of two unmatched, unsupported, and unverified results; their contempt for the court ordering the process at GECOM be conducted according to guidelines; and Volda Lawrence’s signature on the first unverified declaration, evidencing the complicity of the PNC’s executive in the affairs at GECOM, have all been dealt with.

More recently, there has been the use of another judge (a family member of the PNC), who is willing to subvert due process and Guyana’s democracy in favour of the People’s National Congress in the hearing of matters related to our elections, which are already before our High Court.

There is, at this point, nothing more to be said other than that Guyana and our children are now being held to ransom by the People’s National Congress. The GECOM Chair cannot escape culpability in what is transpiring at GECOM, since she is ultimately responsible under GECOM’s guidelines for the management and declaration of election results.

However, as we await the court’s (Holder’s) decision on its jurisdiction (it clearly has none), and as the incumbent administration continues to groom us into accepting their rigged elections results, with news about oil and the coronavirus, I submit that after coming this far, the PNC will not relent, and those individuals at GECOM involved in rigging our elections will persist in issuing fraudulent results until they are removed from the process.

But beyond removing those individuals, we need to consider the force behind GECOM, which is now obviously the People’s National Congress. As Guyana moves into the PNC’s end-game, where all avenues, including our courts, have been exhausted, we have to recognize that GECOM will only proceed with a proper declaration of our elections results if we remove not the defaulting individuals alone, but the force manipulating the individuals in GECOM; namely, elements within the People’s National Congress.

I therefore urge civil society to take cognizance of our situation, and recognize that we as a people will have to make decisions above our courts in the interest of our democracy.
Since GECOM is being manipulated by elements within the People’s National Congress, I propose that civil society await the exhaustion of due process regarding the declaration of results, and move to establish a representative group to engage both the Guyana Defence Force and Guyana Police Force in placing those elements within the PNC involved in managing and subverting our democracy through their interference at GECOM under house arrest.

With these individuals removed, a second group of individuals comprising civil society, the army, and the Police Force can now replace necessary GECOM staff, so that our election results can finally be properly counted/tabulated, verified, and declared.

At this time, civil society, the army, and the Police Force will have a fair enough idea of who the perpetrators behind the manipulation at GECOM are, and no one is above removal and placement under house arrest. They can prepare for this eventuality in the meantime.

At this time also, I urge all Guyanese to reflect that there will always be a loser in an election. This is the way of democracy. When governments fail, they are replaced. Change necessitates change, which produces progress. Many of us are already familiar with the costs of dictatorship and cowardice. Let us therefore unite, and commit towards maintaining and preserving our democracy! For Our Children!

Craig Sylvester

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