People’s patience preserved in a precarious but precious position

People’s patience preserved in a precarious but precious position

Dear Editor,
The Caretaker “Mr. G” does not see, for he is mentally blind and is catering to a cohort of citizens who are certified and confirmed as callous, cruel and cold-blooded.

A thoroughly established paper trail of insurmountable events validates this household claim, as the 14th century author Cervantes wrote, “The proof is in the pudding,” in his book “The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote.”
“Mr. G” loves to clothe himself naked with a transparent cover of corruption, conspiracy, carelessness and contradictions; and when called out for his vulgar exposure, he seeks shelter behind the Constitution, Congress, the Commission and the Courts.

To calm his composure, he conveys his charisma for cooperation with CARICOM and the Commonwealth countries by condescending to “throwing others under the bus,” claiming ignorance, staying out of the limelight, or having someone else “wash his dirty dishes.”

His latest preposterous conversation with the Benschop interview was not convoluted, and it was crystal clear that it was a well-rephrased propaganda mouth piece that was fed from “jamoon picking.” He knew how to leave the “cassa” (not ripe, bitter-sweet) ones alone, and only pick the ripe ones that will satisfy his appetite.
He clumsily ignored all the comments made by Caricom in their report that chastised him and his APNU/AFC members, and where it was concluded that the recount was transparent and credible and should form the basis for the declaration of the results of the March 2nd elections.

But this does not daunt the people of Guyana, because they know that the entire global community is cognizant of this glaring misdemeanour. In fact, this mishap only backfired and contributed as a disadvantage to him and his rogues, because it confirmed to the world that they deliberately want to hide the truth, and it explicitly exposes their immoral character that everyone finds despicable.

This is exactly what CARICOM, the Commonwealth, the OAS, the EU, the UN and the rest of the world are striving for, i.e. the prevention of any electoral fraud; holding of free and fair elections; only legitimate declaration from a valid result from an election count or recount; and encouraging truth, honesty and transparency in any government administration.
Guyana finds it gratifying that, finally, criminal charges are being filed against the GECOM CEO Mr. Lowenfield, for breaching the trust of the people and conspiring to commit fraud to alter the results of the elections. On four occasions, he presented fraudulent reports to GECOM, with fabricated figures that include invalidating over 115,000 votes.

This move is long overdue, and it is also heartening to learn that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, at a press briefing today, has instructed his Department to ensure that those who undermine Guyana’s democracy are held accountable.

A lesson must be taught once and for all that Guyana needs to rid herself of all those who want to take for granted that they can get away with election corruption and fraud, and impose a government that does not concur with “the will of the people” from a free and fair election.

Freedom and democracy must prosper, survive, and be operable in a society that embraces liberty, equality and fraternity. The opportunity for fair competition, free from fear and violence, must strive in order for the health, wealth and economy of a nation to develop prosperously. This type of action will guarantee that law and order will be maintained, and discipline will be restored to a system of decency and normalcy.

This country has suffered too long and too much from a state of depression; has endured too much oppression from dictatorial management, and the lives of its people have been suppressed from gross economic mismanagement. As a result, people have been driven into a higher degree of poverty, and the country has been plunged into an atrocious stage of bankruptcy.

The CCJ is currently entertaining the Appeal case from the PPP/C Party because of the election fiasco that materialised from the APNU/AFC involvement in preventing GECOM from successfully concluding a legal declaration from the election recount result, which confirmed that the PPP/C Party gained a majority of 15,000 valid votes over the APNU/AFC Party.

Also, at the back of the minds of Guyanese is the nagging issue of Venezuela’s illegitimate claim over Guyana’s rightful land that borders these two countries. This legal battle is being played out at the ICJ. The de facto APNU/AFC Government, headed by a caretaker Mr. Granger, continues to refuse to concede defeat, despite the entire international community advising them to do so.

This further jeopardises Guyana’s position to portray legitimacy and unity as a sovereign state. But the band of a few renegades in the Coalition Party are beyond shame and disgrace; they lack the capacity to honour dignity and decency, and would rather embrace lies and deceit to guide them. Over 120 days have elapsed since this country had election, and yet the people are being denied a result and left in limbo. COVID-19 is creating havoc in their lives with no end in any near sight, and the caretaker Government remains clueless for an answer to rigidly and successfully manage a prevention, preparation, prediction and control programme. Their lack of interest is consumed in pursuing an agenda to retain political control and power in this state.

All is not lost, and Guyanese are pinning their hope on the Madam Chair for the Guyana Elections Commission, the right honourable Judge (rtd) Ms. Claudette Singh. It is expected that she will take full control of the declaration of the election recount result procedure and utilise her power to maintain law and order, ensuring that all of the statutory officers comply with the rules and regulations of the Constitution. She has full autonomy, and maintains the authority to accept or reject any report that may assist or hinder her in arriving at a conclusion to make a final declaration that is in compliance with her instructions.

Guyana remains optimistic and awaits the conclusion of the CCJ’s legal case. How will it end, and what will be its significance as a result? Will the APNU/AFC attack Mr. Mike Pompeo and charge him with “foreign interference?” Will there be a swearing in shortly? Will it be a new Government? Will the Madam Chair function in a fair and justified manner? Will she uphold the result from the CARICOM verified election recount, confirming PPP/C as the new government? Will the APNU/AFC still accept her decision? Will we lose any grass and curass to Venezuela? Will the reopening of the airport add to the woes of the Guyanese people? Will the people maintain precaution and social distancing, and not become complacent in observing strict compliance with COVID-19 requirements? Will law and order be maintained?

Guyana goes to bed tonight with more questions than answers, and people are uncomfortable with the saying, “what will be will be” (Que sera, sera). This song was played in the 1956 Alfred Hitchcock movie, “The Man Who Knew Too Much.” The people need to know more in order to know how to go forward. Meanwhile, the people’s patience is prevalent, preserved and pertinent in this precarious but precious position.

Jai Lall

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