Over $500M in contracts awarded for D&I works

Over $500M in contracts awarded for D&I works

THE National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) on Tuesday signed five new contracts worth over $500 million to execute drainage and irrigation works across the country. Three of those contracts were awarded to Farm Supplies for the procurement of two new long-reach hydraulic excavators for the East Demerara Water Conservancy, along with the procurement of one new wheeled hydraulic exactor for the NDIA, and four new mini hydraulic excavators for the NDIA, worth approximately G$125, 300,000.  One was awarded to Guyana Tractor and Equipment for G$277,000,000 for the procurement of eight new hydraulic excavators for the NDIA, while another, in the sum of G$123,000,000 was awarded to Rudisa Motor Company Guyana Inc. for the procurement of three new hydraulic Bulldozers for the NDIA.

The said contracts all total approximately G$525,300,000, and the projects are expected to be completed within 16 weeks. At the signing of the contracts, Agriculture Minister, Mr. Zulfikar Mustapha told the agency heads of the various contractors who were present that he is expecting timely and efficient works to be completed by them within the specified time-frame to provide improved drainage and irrigation across the country. “Too long people have been complaining and criticising Government whenever we do a project, that projects are not done to standard, and according to the specifications.

And in our sector, especially in NDIA, standard work must be done,” Minister Mustapha said, adding: “I hope that contractors will cooperate to ensure that we have quality work. I am of the view if you tender for a job, and you tender for a price for that job, then you must execute according to the specifications.”
The minister also told those contractors present that while he is optimistic that said contracts will be fulfilled, if the work is not satisfactory, they will be held accountable.

“What I will do, also, if we are not satisfied with a contractor’s performance, we will write the Tender Board and advise the Tender Board that we don’t want to keep relation with this contract. And that might affect contractors with other agencies, too,” Minister Mustapha said.
Additionally, with many investors eyeing Guyana’s agriculture sector, Minister Mustapha said, “We have to do more infrastructural work, and I think that the agriculture sector is poised to make its contribution to the country’s GDP [Gross Domestic Product].”

The minister also charged the contractors to continue to pursue similar contracts and projects with the Ministry of Agriculture for the further development of the sector.
“[While] you have an individual interest to develop your business, you should also have a patriotic interest to see that the Ministry of Agriculture helps develop our country,” he said.

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