Outfoxed and outwitted by Exxon

Outfoxed and outwitted by Exxon

Dear Editor,

At the risk of painting an entire group of people with a broad brush; the Japanese have always had a reputation for being extremely disciplined. This word (disciplined) has always been associated with them, particularly in their business dealings-whether local or international, and generally their broader attitude towards getting things done.

Pre-COVID-19, they were well known for working tirelessly into the night, then hitting the bars after work, and still able to show up for work the next day, on time, clear eyed, ready for another productive day. Everything they do is taken seriously.
For as long as I can remember; they have had and retain a solid reputation for being very detailed, and meticulously thorough.
Japanese cars have been in the ‘Top 5’ of preferred cars purchased by global customers.
At one point, the Toyota was the number one car sold globally.
Millions of consumers will only purchase Japanese cars, because of their excellent road reputation- myself included.

If there is a whiff of any corruption or impropriety, revealed to the public; the individual(s), apologizes, bows his head and moves out of the way. All the above is public domain information.
My personal view? The likes of Exxon would never be able to outwit such folks.
Fast forward to KN recent headlines: “…Ramotar’s govt. ignored GGMC’s advise to invite competitive bids.”

Some more KN news from last week: “Guyana’s outdated laws allow Exxon to have a monopoly….”; “Guyana will owe Exxon US$20B by 2025.”
This indifferent, comme ci comme ça, carefree attitude and thought process some key government decision makers have, will not get us far in the long run.
As Guyana becomes more exposed to the outside world, and an influx of foreigners, one wonders what kind of reputation will be left behind.

So, for those individuals in and out of government, who allowed us to be in this position with Exxon; own/drive or are chauffeured in any one of the top performing cars-Made in Japan- I hope they remember how these cars got to be on the road.

Chi Kansi

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