Observers must take actions that heal the nation rather than divide it

Observers must take actions that heal the nation rather than divide it

Dear Editor,

All international observers must know that a large section of the Guyanese people are uncomfortable with their pronouncements on matters of Guyana’s internal political situation, specifically the just concluded National and Regional Elections.

Pronouncements that are premature, uninformed, and lack the basic understanding of Guyana’s electoral laws are likely to be more harmful than helpful. Observers should therefore take care to preserve their impartiality by refraining from making lopsided statements or comments, especially if one party feels that those comments are adverse to it or are done deliberately to affect its image.

During this time of heightened political tensions, Guyanese can ill-afford to have any kind of foreign meddling in their domestic politics. Guyanese, like the USA and other sovereign nations, reject the notion that any external agency or personnel can simply insert themselves into their politics. While Guyanese welcome international observers, they expect those accorded observer status should do exactly what they were expected to do – observe.

Guyana is an emerging democracy and therefore external actors must, as of necessity, take precautions to ensure that their own actions do not stymie the democratisation process. Observers should therefore, refrain from making comments or issuing statements that may exacerbate the tensions that already exist in the country.

Observers are therefore encouraged to take actions that may heal the nation rather than divide it. Guyana has a history, only Guyanese can fully understand. Any perceived foreign interference in Guyana’s elections is likely to cause more mayhem and division in the country. I am quite sure you, observers, would not want to see Guyana retrogress. Guyanese, regardless of their differences, are a peace-loving people but however, there is a bitter past. A past that ignited a sharp racial divide and mistrust, but the nation has been healing. Please allow Guyanese to heal!

Yours faithfully,

Lurlene Nestor

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