Not prepared to allow any politician to destabilize my beloved country because elections were not in their favour

Not prepared to allow any politician to destabilize my beloved country because elections were not in their favour

Dear Editor,

As I get older, I think I get bolder yet more humble. I am daily reminded of how little we have control over as human beings, and hence my faith in the realness and bigness and greatness of an all-powerful God becomes stronger. Sometimes when we look at politicians and leaders, one could get the impression that they believe that they are little gods.

Editor, many of us want the process for the March 2 Elections to be concluded, credibly that is, and a winner declared, and then we get on with our lives. However, some of our leaders and politicians have been indicating that, if the results are in a certain way, they will make sure that the government is unable to govern. Let me state very clearly, we want the truth to prevail. If the PPP/C wins, then that party will form the next government, if the APNU+AFC wins, then the coalition remains in the Government. Many of us believe that for the results to be credible, a recount must be done. Personally, I am in favour of a total recount of the ballots for all ten regions.

After the winner is declared, we want to move on with our lives. I am therefore serving notice, that as a child of God, I am not prepared to allow any of our politicians to destabilize my beloved country because the elections were not in their favour. My firm view is that there should be a One-party government for about three years, to fix the issues in our country. This I have written extensively about.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says that ‘To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven’; Verse 3 says ‘A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up’. I do believe that this is the time and season for the Guyanese people – every man, woman, boy and girl, to reap the benefits of the labour of their fore parents, their parents and their own labour; and set in course a bright future for coming generations; and our politicians cannot stop this season from happening.

If Guyana becomes ungovernable, our politicians will not suffer; it is those businesses on Regent Street and in New Amsterdam and Essequibo, and those vendors and the single mothers and the poorest of the poor who will suffer. Those businesses that have loans and mortgages to pay, they will suffer, and the people who work for them while our politicians, receive a salary and allowances every month, their helpers and security are paid, all with our taxes, so they will not suffer.

We have had years of breaking down this country; this is a new season, this is the season when we will heal and build up Guyana!

This is the time and season for Guyanese  to realise the Guyanese dream and no power on earth, above the earth and under the earth can prevent that from becoming a reality. This is more than about an election; it is about a ‘Time and a Season’.

Yours faithfully,

Audreyanna Thomas

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