No solid plan to protect Guyanese

No solid plan to protect Guyanese

Dear Editor,
As Guyana continues to be crippled from a premeditated attack on its democracy by evil forces in the APNU regime, it is further compounded by the corona virus. Like a perfect storm, the APNU regime did very little to prepare for the virus. Now we are facing down the barrel of a quagmire, all because of an incompetent and selfish government that has no care or regard for its people.

Unlike everywhere else in the world, we have not seen a clear and consistent flow of updates informing the public on plans being put in place to protect us. It has been over two weeks since the WHO said every country must do what it takes to protect itself or face certain devastation. What has this de-facto government done?

Can the MoPH confirm what supplies are readily available and in what quantities? Can they confirm that we have ventilators, masks, sanitizers, gloves, and other related supplies and medication? Have they set up facilities for housing patients? and where are these located?

The MoPH has proven to be very unprepared and lacking a proactive approach to mitigating the threat of COVID-19. The already useless former minister will just make things worse for us all.
On the financial side, is there any plan to remove VAT from items that can help fight the virus? We should see a removal of VAT from items listed above, and other items such as cleaning supplies and food. We should see a reduction in cost for data plans, and support for the Private Sector so they can keep their employees on the payroll.

Instead, we are seeing that this unconscionable regime want to use the virus as a prop to achieve their diabolical objective of stealing a country through electoral fraud. They are willing to destroy this entire country just to hang on to power, even if it means the lives of thousands of my brothers and sisters.

It is time that we stand up and remove this illegal government from office, so that the PPP/C can claim its rightful place and lead us out of this disaster that APNU has created. Our democracy and the corona virus are now linked, based on the need to have strong and competent leadership to steer us out of this global crisis.

Guyana currently have no ministers of government, and what’s left of the current regime has no solid plan to protect the people. And even before there were no ministers, they did nothing to protect us. APNU has become a disgrace to our country in every way possible, and there can be no other fitting end to mark their legacy of disaster that a corona virus.

Malcolm Watkins

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