No Role for Diaspora in oil as promised?

No Role for Diaspora in oil as promised?

Dear Editor,
I salute KN and all who played a role in saving democracy in Guyana. I know of a few New York based individuals who devoted several hours daily on strategies to have the right declaration made over that five months period. They were heroes just like the diplomats.
The nation can never compensate them for their service, commitment and devotion to the homeland. And it won’t be surprising if the government does not acknowledge their role or those like KN that saved democracy.

The government has made a quick start in cabinet selection though slow in removing political appointees from the previous regime. The new President has been heavily criticized for some appointments and for not consulting the expertise or appointing members of the diaspora especially those who were deeply involved in the struggle for the right count of the 2020 election and for free and fair elections during the PNC dictatorship between 1966 and 1992. I am very disappointed that the government has not tapped into the human resources capacity in the diaspora, some of whom are far more talented and qualified than those appointed in Ministries or as political advisors.

There is so much engineering talent as well as Human Resources in the oil sector and to guide local content. The government promised to utilize the talents of the diaspora, but has blanked them. The government chooses some political appointees who failed and embarrassed the PPP in earlier office instead of choosing talented professionals from the diaspora.

While they may hold dual citizenship, making them ineligible to serve in parliament, members of the diaspora can serve as technocrats to various ministries or as diplomats. It was most annoying that the government rehabilitates a former Foreign Minister to serve as Ambassador at the UN when she is still based in Rome with a year still remaining in her contract. She could have remained in Rome completing the contract and perhaps even getting re-appointed while a new face in the diaspora serves at the UN. There is so much Guyanese talent in New York and Canada. The Ministries also need advisors – tap into the diaspora.The former CEO for
GUYSUCO has not been appointed as yet. Is a message being sent?

In New York, several individuals worked daily to bring about political change in Guyana from May 2015, all through the no confidence motion of December 2018 and its aftermath, during the campaign, and the five months after the March 2 election. Others were in the struggle from the 1970s combating electoral fraud resulting in the restoration of democracy in October 1992. Guyanese owe their freedom to these activists or overseas freedom fighters. I know of one particular individual who worked behind the scenes that helped bring about that shocking declaration on August 2. When others had given up all hope that change was coming, he assured some of us it would come on August 2 or 3 because he was in constant communication with forces and providing guidance to those who would eventually help to bring about the change.

Others worked behind the scenes in Guyana. It is most unfortunate that the hard work of the diaspora giants was never recognized, they were never rewarded, and their services are not being utilized.
I note that some of the new Ministerial faces are very refreshing. But some are not competent in their fields and some are recycled and discredited when they served as Ministers. Some of the appointees are not in the right field or misplaced.

Almost most Guyanese, I spoke to voiced concerned with the misplaced ministers. I am surprised that Guyana cannot produce a finance minister.
The Ministers would need assistance which can be obtained from the skills and expertise of the diaspora.

Yours truly,
B. Rambrich

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