“No. Not in my name”

“No. Not in my name”

Dear Editor,
Andaiye often said that silence could be construed as a political act. Silence had seemed the sensible course while we waited for the election results to be processed and announced. Now that the process has been subverted, it is time to speak. What has taken place in Guyana in the past 48 hours is the political equivalent of a toddler covering his face and believing that he cannot be seen. It fools no one. There will be those who are prepared to accommodate or overlook the irregularities. I am not one of them.

To David Granger, who has claimed a second term, to the officials at GECOM who have departed from the verification of SOPs in Region Four and to any others abetting these actions by their silence, I echo Andaiye’s statement many years ago and say, as one Guyanese: “No. Not in my name.”

Yours faithfully,
Isabelle de Caires

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