Nandlall dares Granger to prove he’s not just spewing “sanctimonious platitudes”

Nandlall dares Granger to prove he’s not just spewing “sanctimonious platitudes”

See press statement from Anil Nandlall in response to a statement issued by the Ministry of the Presidency: 

I note the Ministry of the Presidency’s response to my earlier statement. The author of that response insults the collective intelligence of this nation by titling the Statement “President Granger abides by the Constitution”. The People of Guyana, nay the people of the world, are very much aware of President Granger’s unparalleled record of serial and gross violations of the Constitution. For example:

  1. President Granger’s willful refusal to act upon the recommendations of the Judicial Service Commission;
  2. President Granger’s willful refusal to constitute the Judicial Service Commission since August 2017;
  3. President Granger’s instructions to Mr. Joe Harmon to direct the Police Service Commission, an independent constitutional body, to halt promotion of Police Officers;
  4. President Granger’s directions to Ms. Simona Broomes to direct the Public Service Commission, an independent constitutional body, to halt the promotion of Public Servants;
  5. President Granger’s unconstitutional revocation of dozens of rice farmers’ leases;
  6. President Granger’s unilateral appointment of Justice James Patterson as the Chairman of GECOM, in violation of the Constitution;
  7. President Granger’s willful refusal to resign, disband cabinet, and call an elections within three (3) months after the successful passage of a no-confidence motion, in December 2018, as mandated by the Constitution;
  8. President Granger’s continuous refusal to accept the will of the electorate expressed by the ballots at the March 2nd 2020, Elections, as mandated by the Constitution;
  9. President Granger’s continuous and repeated attempts, through his Commissioners and acolytes, to interfere with the operations of GECOM, an independent constitutional body;
  10. President Granger’s willful refusal to engage the Leader of the Opposition to secure an agreement for the purposes of the appointment of a Chief Justice and Chancellor of the Judiciary, as is required by the Constitution.

The above list is by no means exhaustive. In almost every one of the examples cited above, a Court of law has pronounced on the unconstitutionality and illegality of the President’s actions or decisions.

I maintain most resolutely that there was a meeting at which the removal of the Chairman of GECOM, by the President, was discussed. Indeed, it is only after it was realized that the Chairperson cannot be lawfully removed that one of the President’s minions was dispatched to the High Court to seek Orders to restrain GECOM from discharging its constitutional duties of declaring the elections results, based upon the totals generated from the National Recount Exercise – another – colossal assault upon the Constitution and the democratic ethos embraced by the Constitution.

Rather than issuing a statement of sanctimonious platitudes and rhetoric, President Granger can easily prove me wrong by directing his underlings to withdraw the legal proceedings filed today and to permit the Constitutional Electoral Process to run its course, paving the way for GECOM to declare the true results of the March 2nd 2020 Elections, reflective of the franchise of the electorate.

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