Mr. Pompeo’s statement is at best precipitous and based on misinformation

Mr. Pompeo’s statement is at best precipitous and based on misinformation

Dear Editor,

In a situation that inflicted blows of indecency, our understanding of democracy and human rights, one of our Elders in 1953 stated, and I quote “this confounded nonsense must stop.”

Yesterday morning, I listened to case management discussions that took place in the High Court and this statement came to mind.

I am a simple man and there is no need for me to venture into intricacies and technicalities which exist as members of the legal profession seek to advance the case of their respective clients.

In every system, the vital ingredient to ensure the wholesomeness and manifestation of our laws, our constitution and the smooth running of our society, is the manner in which those persons placed in authority discharge their responsibilities.

If such persons are consumed by greed, prejudice and an inability or failure to properly and faithfully do their work in accordance with laws, regulations and even time honoured traditions, we are in serious trouble.

I believe like the rest of Guyana we looked forward to a settlement of this 2020 Elections during the first days of this week.

After the declaration by the Chief Election Officer (CEO), a fortnight ago, there was grumbling and in exercising their right, two of our leaders sought intervention by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

Many of us, including reputable attorneys felt the CCJ could not intervene since our Appeal Court was considered the final arbitrator in matters related to elections.

Nevertheless, the CCJ made a judgment and a pronouncement.

Some of us were perplexed since we felt the CCJ exceeded their mandate, but as a disciplined nation and, in particular, the Government side felt compelled to accept the ruling of the CCJ.

On the other hand, those who invited the CCJ seemed to have a strange myopia and are telling their supporters only part of the CCJ’s judgment.

The Chief Election Officer was requested to produce a report on the 2020 Elections to determine the winner.

After difficulties arose as a result of his initial declaration the CEO was again requested to produce a report to identify the winner.

Because of intervening events the CEO sought guidance of the GECOM Chair-man. This was not forthcoming.

The CEO acting as a professional should, prepared and presented his report to GECOM via its Chairman.

The next logical step was for the Chairman to present that report and make arrangements so that the winner could be announced and the Head of that list sworn in as President.

The law is crystal clear. The Chairman can act only, and I wish to repeat only on the advice given by the CEO.

The Chairman’s letter makes no reference to the number of anomalies and apparent fraudulent transactions uncovered during the tedium of the recount.

Guyanese are fed up and tired of this stressful tug-o-war.

Our laws and constitution are unambiguous.

If you are unhappy with the CEO’s proposal, then after a President is sworn in, those concerned elements in society will have access to the Courts by way of an Election Petition.

For me, end of story.

One wonders whether there is a larger plot afoot to destabilize a government and to dislodge a President who has scrupulously respected the constitution and our laws.

Yesterday, we also noted the statement by Mr. Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State announcing sanctions against officials here.

The Granger administration has always expressed respect with the Government and people of the United States. I always made it clear, that I regard US as a useful ally and friend.

It is rather mysterious such strong statements should come from a high US official.

This Government has never even commented on US Elections and stayed clear of allegations of meddling by external forces which took President Trump to the White House.

But what is troubling, is that the propaganda blitz seemed geared to install a regime that has never been believers or supporters of the American system and political leadership and seem to either ignore or perhaps forget the many anti-US stances of the present Opposition.

We can give many examples, but to be reminded of the vitriolic address by the then Government PPP Minister at the US Anniversary in 2014, which coincided with the farewell of the US Ambassador.

At that function, the PPP Minister launched a verbal assault against the US Ambassador and his government.

The irony is that the main body of the address which earned the chagrin of the PPP was the PPP hierarchy accusing the US Government of interfering in the internal affairs of the Guyana Government.

Those of us who were present were so shocked. We felt that the following day we would have seen an apology from the PPP Government-side, but instead, the Head of the Presidential Secretariat described the harsh remarks as a ‘feral blast.’

In contrast, the Granger-led Government in dignified diplomatic language expressed surprise and reminded Mr. Pompeo that the coalition has in no way interfered with the work of GECOM, but more importantly, the process to declare a winner of the 2020 Elections for whatever reason is incomplete.

In essence, Mr. Pompeo’s statement is at best precipitous and based on misinformation.

The present government, since it took office in 2015, cooperated with the US Government to tame the Narco-Trade which flourished under the PPP Government.

It’s the American Government, which captured Shaheed Roger Khan and took him to the US to face the justice system.

They overflew Guyana, knowing fully well that the then Government would have protected and given Roger Khan and his ilk sanctuary as they did for many years.

It is this government that reversed the PPP’s stance of non-cooperation with the United States in security matters.

I recommend to those within and beyond our borders to digest the philosophical underpinnings contained in the literally gem titled “The Challenge of Democracy” written by Janda, Berry and Goldman published in 1987.

This was a review of the American system of governance.

It seems to me that congratulations are in order to the PPP, Cambridge Analytica and the Mercury outfit for doing an excellent job at propaganda.

Be reminded that the vast majority of Guyanese at home and abroad with passion cling to the words found in selected lines of the Song of the Republic “Her children pledge each faithful hour to guard Guyana’s Lands” and the second stanza states “Unyielding in our quest for peace like ancient heroes brave, To strive and strive and never cease. With strength beyond the slave.”

All we ask is for the rule of law, mutual respect and above all unity.

Yours faithfully,

Hamilton Green

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