Man with such low integrity – SASENARINE

Man with such low integrity – SASENARINE

“In May 2015, if one is to read page 49 of the APNU/AFC Manifesto, it says clearly that the Prime Minister shall have responsibilities for “Domestic Affairs and Chairing the Cabinet”. Never done. How can you trust a man with such low integrity who even cons his own Prime Minister? What would such a man do to the ordinary Guyanese?”

“In May 2015, Mr Granger promised on page 13 of the APNU/AFC Manifesto, that he will “create vocational and business schools which will directly reduce the unemployment rate, especially among youth”. Like so many other empty promises, again not done! And there are dozens more of such empty promises that border on outright untruths after half of the decade. So why does Mr Granger believe that the people will trust him with a new decade to inflict even more policy damage on their human development?”


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