Major issues the PPP/C gov’t should be addressing

Major issues the PPP/C gov’t should be addressing

Dear Editor,

After over 100 days in Government what has the PPP/C done about these issues:

Flooding – flooding undermines your infrastructure and brings your economy to a standstill. There is flooding every year. Therefore, a comprehensive plan to tackle flooding should be developed.

Crime – every day we are hearing of people being killed. The Government is buying 50 patrol vehicles for the police force to improve police presence in communities.

Water – there needs to be a plan to improve water quantity and quality as well as availability.

Electricity – for too long citizens have to grit their teeth and put up with unreliable electricity supply. The Government plans to build a 400 megawatt Natural gas power station.

Health – everyone would like to live healthy long lives. What is the Govern-ment doing about healthcare?

Education – the Government aims to raise educational standards by having UWI train 20,000 Guyanese over 5 years. Where is the plan to improve educational standards in Guyana at the nursery, primary and secondary levels?

Unemployment – how many of the 50,000 promised jobs have been created?

Political stability – the PPP/C Govern-ment has reached out to the smaller parties. It is yet to reach out to the main opposition APNU+AFC party.

Social stability – there is no widespread instability.

Economic stability – the Guyana dollar has been slowly depreciating over the years. While this helps exporters, the cost of goods and services tends to rise which hurts the poor.

GECOM – After the March 2020 elections fiasco where is the plan to reform GECOM. This question is mainly for GECOM as GECOM is supposed to be an independently constituted body.

This is not a comprehensive list. But what is the PPP/C Government doing about the issues affecting Guyanese?

Yours faithfully,

Sean Ori

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