Like Mystic says, we need to ‘Live like we live at cricket’

Like Mystic says, we need to ‘Live like we live at cricket’

Dear Editor,

Kindly allow me a place in your newspaper to shed some light on the racism issues affecting our country, especially in this tense election period.

“Live life like we at the cricket” is a famous reggae track title from our very own local artiste Romeo “Mystic” Nermal from Black Bush Polder, Berbice. This reggae masterpiece outlines our racial and politically charged atmosphere here in Guyana especially during the election period and portrays a positive message of harmony, positivity and living together as one. Not only in the cricket stadium but everywhere in this 83,000 square miles of ours.

Racism is unfortunately prevalent extensively in today’s society. It is a problem which we; ourselves would have generated. It is filthy & gruesome and its existence is certainly not justifiable under any circumstances. This is a collective fight and we as Guyanese need to play our part in calling out or openly condemn messages of hate, racism, prejudice, intolerant attitudes, stereotyping and discrimination, whether these messages are coming from a political platform to gain political mileage or social media context by persons seeking to execute their own personal agenda . We should also be aware of the Racial Hostility Act Chapter (23:01), and that we can be held accountable for any insensible expression or conduct tending to excite hostility or ill-will against persons by reason of their race.

Racism by itself tarnishes a society by creating a wedge between our very own people, affecting our cultures and our youngsters a great deal. It vanquishes the exchange of culture and disperses hatred among us, limiting us from those unimaginable heights, which we could climb if we work together as one people and one nation to attain a destiny we could never grasp alone.

We are Guyanese. We are one, living in one nation and harmony should prevail among us. Together we can soar to places, which we have never been. I therefore urge you to be a human rights champion in this battle to end this vicious cycle of racism by being responsible Guyanese.

Yours truly,
Mark Reddi

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