Let’s speak out and stand for what is right and just

Let’s speak out and stand for what is right and just

Dear Editor,
I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the voters across all ten regions of this great country of ours. I am honoured and thankful that every Guyanese had the opportunity to vote for democracy on March 2,2020.
It has been so encouraging during the campaign to meet so many Guyanese throughout the length and breadth of Guyana who believe in democracy.

The support we felt on Election Day was incredible; and we owe it to you, the people of Guyana, our supporters, party membership and friends. It is with your trust that our leaders would work tirelessly on the behalf of every Guyanese to try to resolve challenges, issues locally and nationally, and to secure lasting and meaningful improvements to the quality of life of every Guyanese.

I am thankful to all our candidates who offer to serve their regions and communities, and seek solutions for public problems. It is not easy to put oneself out there in such a public forum, so we give credit to those with the initiative to do so.

Over the last three weeks, the events taking place in Guyana after the regional and general elections of March 02, 2020 have been unbelievable and unacceptable to all.

As Guyanese, we had a very simple task to vote for the political party of our choice in order to elect a new government, which is a provision in our Constitution. We are in a serious struggle, and this struggle is about saving our country from descending into dictatorship and becoming a pariah state. It is a struggle for our future and the future of our generations to come. It is a struggle that we must endure to the end if we are going to save our country.

It is public knowledge that the Region #4 returning officer’s declaration on March 5,2020 was vacated and declared unlawful by the Chief Justice on March 11, 2020 on basis that he did not comply with procedure laid down in section 84 of the Representation of the peoples Act cap 1:03 and election laws (Amendment) Act 2000.

All Guyanese want to see a clear and transparent process that clearly identifies who won the election, and the only way to do that is to have the ballots for the disputed Region #4 recounted. By doing this, it will remove all the doubts about who won the March 02, general and regional elections.

I have admired and respected your patience and restraint over the past weeks. Guyanese, now is the time for us to speak out and stand for what is right and just.

We all know that it is never easy having disputes with our peers, but when the future of our country is at stake, we must react and stand up and defend our country against the few who are willing to sacrifice everyone else for their own ambitions.

My fellow Guyanese, you have all heard what the international communities speak out against the attempts to steal our democracy. These communities are on our side; we either stand for what is the truth and justice, or stand on the side of injustice, lies and false rumours. This is not about any party or race; this is about all Guyanese and Guyana’s future.

We must not allow this situation to happen in Guyana. We have leaders making personal sacrifice and working tirelessly to ensure our democracy is not stolen. We must join them and support them; it is our support that will continue to motivate and assure them in this fight. This is a battle we cannot lose; because, if we do so, there is no future for us and our children.

Guyanese, all the political parties outside of the APNU-AFC are working for the peaceful and legal resolution recount and the democratic norms to prevail in this situation, and remain committed to respecting the results emanating from the recount.

I call on all citizens to remain calm and peaceful as these matters continue to engage the attention of the courts and as our leaders continue to work with the local and international communities to ensure the recounting of the votes cast at Guyana’s General and Regional Elections held on March 02,2020.

David Adams

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