Let us go back to ballots and SOP’s and complete the democratic process

Let us go back to ballots and SOP’s and complete the democratic process

Dear Editor,

I write this letter to APNU+AFC on behalf of myself and friends who have been following events closely. We are now middle age but grew up in a plural society alongside the President’s daughters and nephews and seldom missed a Saturday souse at Aunty Joan’s shop in Queens-town. We are presently scattered from Guyana, across the Caribbean and up to North America.

While licking the flavour off sticky fingers we listened to dual citizens and Guyanese fresh back from study abroad air their lofty ideas and ambitions to serve Guyana and create a Utopia should they ever get the chance.  They boasted of illustrious careers and super salaries sacrificed overseas to return home and give selflessly to its development. We loved hearing such and the accents to boot.

Banks Beer in hand, we asked one question then and repeat now, “Should you be given the chance to create this Utopia, will you work selflessly and altruistically to achieve this vision or will the chip on your shoulders of sacrificing illustrious careers and windfall earnings cause you to overcompensate and try to make back that money and more to the peril of the Utopia?”

We were mesmerised till our beers frothed and jumped at the chance to vote for change to give you the chance. However, here we are where the Golden Arrowhead crosses the bow. GECOM has transgressed. No fault of yours. Do you embrace the ideals of youth and express your fairer better selves or has power corrupted? We applaud those who have chosen to speak out and can only imagine the strength it took to swim against the tide. Nuff respect Dominic.

We ask the others, when are you coming out? Let us not play semantics and laterally invert laws to suit positions. The essence is simple.  Let us go back to ballots and SOP’s, and complete the democratic process. Let’s reinstate confidence in our country and abate the loss of investors and capital flight. The financing is at hand to realise our Utopia. Don’t wait until the tide goes out and catches you with your pants down.

The nostalgia of Saturday souse lingers. We look forward to the day when we can meet and bounce beers again. Don’t forsake us, we haven’t forsaken Utopia yet. To those who shared their Saturdays with us but have departed RIP – Aunty Joan, Rita, Christopher and Boo.

Yours faithfully,

Joey Adams, Azad De Abreu &

Alaric Lachmansingh

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