Juxtaposed actions

Juxtaposed actions

Dear Editor,
David Granger will never allow a recount of the Region Four ballots until he makes peace with his loss; for the ballots will confirm he lost the election and reveal his duplicity of efforts from behind his Chinese wall to subvert GECOM and have himself declared the winner. Ploy after ploy failed and then came the unanticipated divorce from the process by the US/UK/EU/Canada and the Organisation of American States observer mission. It left Granger with his ‘win’ but no possibility of recognition by any other country in the world. Faced with the promise of “isolation” for himself, members of his Government if he formed one and any accomplices, Granger turned to Mia Motley and Caricom for what everyone assumed was a face-saving manoeuvre. This has become a quagmire as in true Granger fashion, he is engaging in wriggling by proxy.

There is also a major problem for those who attempted the ‘Mingo Magic’ trick to achieve the ‘win’. The EU wrote asking to examine the SoPs used to compile the infamous ‘spreadsheet’; this request cannot be complied with because SoPs with Mingo’s figures do not exist, not now, not ever… Let me explain, The SoPs come with a plethora of security features including one that prevents erasing of pen-ink, it is easier to produce counterfeit money than to fake an SoP.

Mingo never complied with the CJ’s court order because there was no doubt what the outcome would be; Mingo instead scanned SoPs into digital form (pdf/jpeg) and used photo editing software to edit the figures. Mingo then used a projector with a smeared lens (petroleum jelly) to display his handiwork onto a makeshift screen (tablecloth on cardboard). Mingo has no ‘doctored’ SoPs to use in an attempt to satisfy the EU request; all Mingo has is genuine, unaltered SoPs that do not match numbers on his ‘spreadsheet. The Chief Elections Officer can easily compare SoPs and decide if Mr Mingo is guilty of heinous electoral fraud. The CEO also failed to hold Mingo accountable for Volda Lawrence’s signature on his declaration form, to the discredit of GECOM.

In the absence of decisive action from the CEO, Mingo held an SoP charade that fooled no sensible person but did pave the way for Mingo to make a declaration of Region Four results and for the Chief Elections Officer to prepare a report for the Commission’s perusal and recommendation.

All was set for Granger to be sworn in as the next President on Sunday night, March 15. Granger did not go forward as expected by his supporters as he was faced with the reality that any Government he forms would not be accorded recognition internationally; Granger is currently engaged in two juxtaposed battles, on one hand, he is seeking to bow out gracefully and on the other to convince his supporters that he won the election.

The futility of the latter exercise lies in the fact that even if he convinces his flock, he cannot then assume the Presidency under threat of international sanctions. Ironically, Granger cannot thumb his nose at the international community precisely because Guyana is particularly vulnerable economically at this time due to his incompetence.

Editor, I reiterate, David Granger will not allow Region Four ballots to be recounted in a non-GECOM supervised process until he accepts that he has lost the election and is ready to step down from the Presidency. Given his intransigence, I believe Granger will brave the promise of personal and national sanctions out of hubris. As with all who suffer this malignance, the end will be ignominious. How many go down with him on this titanic mistake is up to their personal discretion, a few notables have already deserted the sinking ship, one with the golden exit line “and now I must go”, maybe he should have proffered that advice to his revered leader before he exited stage left.

Robin Singh

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