It is time we concede that accepting fraudulent results is not the way to go

It is time we concede that accepting fraudulent results is not the way to go

Dear Editor,

I wish to encourage the Coalition to step back from its attempt to install itself against the wishes of the will of Guyanese as expressed at the polls. The Coalition is especially cautioned that our state media are now being used to peddle propaganda and gross misrepresentations of the outcome of our recent elections. The only betrayal here is that achieved by the Coalition, in their commitment to upholding our democracy, and during their term, to deliver on their promise of better economic management.

We should all be reminded that our March 02, 2020 elections were completed without so much of a complaint, with both local and international observers expressing satisfaction with the events on election day. All efforts to upend our democracy have already been copiously documented in our local press.
The coalition committed to accepting the results of the recount and went so far as to bar other parties interested in playing their part in the National Recount. They reneged on this also, claiming voter fraud involving tens of thousands of voters, even against the backdrop of all participating observers confirming that the elections were conducted in a free, fair and transparent manner.

The decision to reinterpret the meaning of votes cast by our Court of Appeal, which clearly had no jurisdiction on this particular matter, which was used by Lowenfield to prepare another set of fraudulent results, this time disenfranchising in excess of 115,000 voters in the process, as tossed out by the Caribbean Court of Justice, Guyana’s alternative court for settling disputes which cannot otherwise be agreed to at home. It should be noted that the Caribbean Court of Justice further observed that the results of the National Recount were and remain the only valid set of results for our March 2020 elections.

The evidence is clear that the coalition lost the elections, and we must be mature enough to accept the results of our elections without our strategic bilateral partners along with CARICOM, the OAS, the Commonwealth and the European Union, having to weigh in on the matter. I nevertheless take this opportunity to extend my personal gratitude for their objective observations if only to assist us in determining the true outcome of the election and steer the coalition to a more productive path for Guyana. It should be further observed that even the Chairperson of the Guyana Elections Commission has twice summarily rejected the recent submission of fraudulent results by the Chief Elections Officer. Clearly there must be something quite wrong with declaring fraudulent results which misrepresent the will of the Guyanese people.

Based on the results of the National Recount, the Coalition garnered more than enough seats to give it ample political power to represent the interests of its constituents in Parliament. I am also sure that the PPP/C has learnt much during the last five years, and will make greater efforts to ensure that it delivers more inclusive policies and representation for all Guyanese. As gruesome as our past has been, it is instructive to recognize that both of our major parties were complicit in the grievances many Guyanese still, and will continue to hold, going forward. However, for the sake of the opportunity to progress and develop, I urge us all to concede that the PPP/C won, and prepare to engage with them across all fronts of our national development agenda. Achieving the welfare status of the developed nations can only be accomplished by strengthening our capacity for constructive dialogue and negotiation. And in this we can all play our part.

Yours Faithfully,
Craig Sylvester

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