It is time for Guyana to move on!

It is time for Guyana to move on!

Dear Editor,
The APNU/AFC’s caretaker Government declining legitimacy, as a result of its efforts to derail the final process of these elections, and the international recognition of the PPP/C as the winner have led to a few members of the coalition conceding defeat. Recognising the need for the APNU/AFC coalition to be a “formidable opposition” in Parliament when Dr Irfaan Ali is sworn in to office as our 9th Executive President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, many of the APNU/AFC leaders and supporters seem to understand the importance of conceding and falling in line, knowing that if the APNU/AFC coalition cannot legitimise itself as a “formidable opposition” in Parliament, it will leave the PPP/C unchallenged in its policy implementation and would be guilty of further polarising our country’s politics.

At the same time, they will lose the opportunity to represent the concerns of their supporters in Parliament. It’s been more than four months since Guyana’s National and Regional Elections and the country is closer to having a winner formally declared—after a transparent and credible electoral process.

However, with the electoral crisis nearing its end, Guyana must overcome its final hurdle on July 8, 2020, before democracy is restored in our dear country. The A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance for Change (APNU/AFC) coalition has got to stop thinking and spreading the false impression that they were cheated. It is quite obvious from all the goings-on, the conspiracies, the deceitful manipulations, and erratic shenanigans that they were aware from the second day after the votes were cast on March 2, that the APNU/AFC had lost the elections.

After a campaign based on the slogan of “Honesty, Decency and Integrity”, Granger was all set to be sworn as the new President based on Region Four Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo’s two fraudulent declarations of March 5 and 13. No rational explanation has been offered as to why Granger has never requested to examine the Statements of Poll in his party’s possession nor those in the possession of GECOM’s Mingo or Lowenfield. Granger instead chooses to avoid questions and send various minions to float theories and stories varying from the ridiculous to the even more ridiculous. It is undeniable that this election has gone on long enough.

David Granger, enough is enough. It is time for Guyana to move on! Guyanese are suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the country needs a fully constituted Government that can make decisions for the good of all Guyanese. This election process in Guyana must be brought to an end, based on the results of the National Recount, and with respect for the will of the majority of the electorate.

With that being said, this election has taken place under the watchful eyes of local and international observers. A National Recount was carried out under the eyes of Caricom. All votes were counted. There is a clear winner. The recount shows that the PPP/C has won the election and Dr Irfaan Ali should be allowed to be sworn in without delay.

David Adams

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