Is this the same Lewis?

Is this the same Lewis?

Dear Editor,

I read a paragraph and a few lines written by Lincoln Lewis titled, ‘Vindictive and intolerant politics being pursued by the Ali gov’t’ (SN, November 22,2020).

Lewis stated, “The PPP/C is reminded here and now that many governments that espoused those kinds of tendencies eventually fall to the power of the people, though they desperately try to hold on to power by nefarious (my emphasis) means and compromise [sic] elections.”

Editor, I had to put my beer down after reading that. Is this the same Lewis who was justifying the shameless and blatant attempt by the APNU+AFC to steal an election?

These opportunists are funny and shameless creatures. It is why a good man like Freddie will always command the respect of righteous people.

Rastafari Guide I.

Yours faithfully,
Nicholas De Castro

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