Is Guyana a copycat of America, or vice versa?

Is Guyana a copycat of America, or vice versa?

Dear Editor,
You bet, Trump is heart, mind, soul and psyche Guyanese. He is one hundred percent Guyanese, that is why, he ain’t coming to Guyana; he’s probably going to Russia or some other safe haven country, and that’s a smart Guyanese! He knows about the extradition agreement here; Williams is his advisor. Trump copied all of APNU/AFC’s election tactics.

From skullduggery to tongue-twisting, he lied on every single conceivable topic. His bullish attitude painted an embarrassing picture both at home and abroad. The election result is overwhelmingly in favour of Biden by more than seven million votes, yet he refuses to accept defeat, and instead started to shout, “Fraud!” much to the amusement of the world at large.
Similar to the APNU/AFC party, he has resorted to seeking redress in the court.
Unfortunately for him, the courts are denying him any win, and they simply regard him and his team as a laughing stock. Chris Christie said Trump’s legal team, headed by the sweating Rudy Giuliani, a past US attorney general, is a national embarrassment.

Remember the outcome of all of the past Guyana attorney general’s cases he had fought with the CCJ? What a shame and disgrace! All of Giuliani’s attempts were “brutally dismissed.” Trump’s “very sad coup” is humiliating, and his legal choice reflects incompetence. He was advised to “stop golfing and concede.” Missing in action, he is playing hide-and-seek, a popular game being played by Guyana’s past president.
Granger was asked by America to step aside and stop undermining democracy. Is America opening the door for reciprocation? The world looks to America for democratic protection. Is America faltering as a big brother and failing to uphold its moral obligation? What kind of precedent is America setting for the other countries, especially the small nations known for political corruption? How much mischief is Trump creating for Biden to be involved in damage control?

Most Republicans are now worried over this torment, and are beginning to realise that this is not about protecting Trump anymore, but, more so, this is now about protecting the Republican Party. It is slowly dawning on Americans that trump does not mean well for them, and he does not care about their interest. He is only concerned about self-preservation and retaining power at any cost, even if he has to sacrifice his own people.

Like Granger, Trump’s own son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is asking him to concede because the results show that he lost the election. Even his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, is asking him to come to terms with President-elect Joe Biden.
Tomorrow, US President-elect Joe Biden is set to announce a slew of history making picks, describing his new hires as the “crux” of his plan to “reclaim America’s seat at the head of the table.” Biden said, “These individuals are equally experienced and crisis-tested as they are innovative and imaginative.”
President Irfaan Ali’s choicest picks make his cabinet full of diversity. The cabinet picks are certainly not aligned or limited to only past stalwarts, but embrace refined enthusiasm with the novelty of talented youth and the touch of feminine flamboyance.
Again, is Guyana a copycat of America; or, curiously, it is now a case of vice-versa?

Jai Lall

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