Is GHK Lall the marionette or the master?

Is GHK Lall the marionette or the master?

I FEEL compelled to push back against GHK Lall’s December 21st, 2020 quasi communique, “Help most definitely needed,” in another newsprint.

Again, Mr. Lall seemingly appears to have a monopoly on wisdom and expatiate thusly in polysyllabic neurosis, distressingly devoid of facts. His attempt to proselytise on situations that is beyond his conscious comprehension. Pointedly, his excerpt about President Ali’s promising a “full investigation” of the Cotton Tree murders. Mr. Lall’s lamentation that Dr. Ali is dragging his feet (my words) by deflecting the flak onto the GPF is Mr. Lall’s Dante’s “Inferno.”

He exculpated the political actors who extemporaneously jetted into the area and influenced/ attempted to influence the vulnerable and emotionally tormented Henry family and peripheral friends, neighbours etc, to act in certain ways with certainty to generate negative outcomes. Mr. Lall neglected to mention that because the exhortation of the provocateurs created extended lag time, the crime scene was further compromised, thereby significantly placing an undue burden on the GPF. Gathering forensic evidence is as painstaking as it is thorough.

To gain a conviction, presented evidence will have to be convincing beyond a shadow of doubt and the burden of proof lies resolutely within the purview of the prosecutorial team and the investigative arm of the GPF. Defence attorneys are trained to hone in on the rubric and peruse for even the tiniest of misalignments and will ferociously tear the entire fabric of the prosecutor’s presentation in order to influence/ convince a jury otherwise, thereby gaining a non-conviction for their clients.

What is significant to understand is that Mr. Lall is feebly attempting to recreate a tempest in a teapot by insinuating that this government is static in the Henry investigations. This administration is doggedly attempting to clean the inherited Augean Stable and the President wears many hats, concurrently, and delegating authority is a productive association within any administration. Non-usurpation of the GPF’s role in the investigation, seemingly has not created a crisis of confidence.  Decrying President Ali’s religious persuasions, Mr. Lall is a seemingly eternal perdition for your perfidy, despite you being kenosis.

Mr. Lall, Sir, again, musings are bereft of factual information and squarely belong to the op-ed section and one now has to wonder which are you? The marionette or the master?

Yours sincerely,
Jonathan Subrian Esq.

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