Irfaan Ali is the elected President of Guyana

Irfaan Ali is the elected President of Guyana

Dear Editor,
The situation in Guyana since the March 2, 2020 elections has reached a point where democracy is under constant assault by dictators who are toiling to stamp out the last vestiges of domestic dissent to spread their harmful influence of dictatorship.

The APNU/AFC coalition is increasingly persistent in breaking down institutional safeguards and disregarding the rights of the critics and the majorities in pursuing their populist agendas. The brutality of the APNU/AFC regime and the ethical decay of democratic principles are combined to make Guyana increasingly uncomfortable in demanding a new Government that was democratically elected.

Elections are meant to remove unpopular autocrats from power, but authoritarian leaders such as David Granger will fight tooth and nail to remain in power, unfortunately, despite being forced to concede power by the weight of domestic opposition and international ultimatum, Granger refused to accept the defeat of the March 2 elections, and continued to shelter under the judicial system, that already ruled for his removal from Government

As Guyanese in a democratic system, we must be eternally vigilant to protect our rights and keep Granger in check because if Granger’s cabal senses that Guyanese are apathetic to the affairs of the elections, they will have the confidence of amassing power for their own benefit. We must not allow ourselves to be overtaken by apathy in the affairs of our country because this can lead to sustained dictatorship.

There is nothing called good or benevolent dictatorship, however flawed a democracy may be, it is the only system of governance that gives rights to its citizens to make a choice to remove non-performing leaders from power by the power of the ballot.
Granger must remember that the ballot of Guyanese is far more superior than his excuses. The results of the elections is a testimony that you have failed the majority of Guyanese over the last five years.

Zamal Hussain

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