Inclusion of youths remains a priority, new generation of leaders being moulded – Jagdeo

Inclusion of youths remains a priority, new generation of leaders being moulded – Jagdeo

The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) continues to demonstrate that, unlike the APNU+AFC Coalition, it is committed to youths of Guyana; with dozens of young people being included on its Lists of Candidate, with a young presidential candidate, and with the creation of opportunities for progress.

According to the PPP General Secretary, young people will continue to have a space within the Party and he committed to ensuring that young leaders continue to be moulded – something he sees as a major role of the General Secretary. He said, “Every race has a place in our Party and has a right to make progress in the country and we, in the PPP/ Civic, are the only Party that can deliver this for all of our people.

Because of that, we will not only win power on March 2; we will stay in power for another 20, 30, 40 years in the future. We will stay in power because our message is unifying. It is a message of development for all the people. It is an inclusive message. We will stay in power because we are incubating – that’s one of my jobs as General Secretary of this Party –another generation of leaders…we are molding young leaders for the future.”

Jagdeo said that unlike the APNU+AFC Coalition, the PPP/C is a Party for the people with only one message of inclusiveness. He charged that the Coalition leader, David Granger, of being the weakest leader in the history of Guyana – an assessment he made based on his track record. He said that Granger needed to move away from being the ceremonial President and “roll up his sleeves and work”, since it is the only way for the country to make progress.

On that note, he expressed his confidence in Ali, noting that he was the best candidate to lead Guyana forward. “We can’t have a president who said crime is not really increasing in this country. He is out of touch with the reality of life. He is out of touch and there is nothing decent about a man who openly defies the rule of law,” the PPP General Secretary said. Jagdeo underscored the need for all Guyanese to make March 2, 2020 count in the struggle to return progress and prosperity to the country.


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