Inadequate corona response because of power grab

Inadequate corona response because of power grab

Dear Editor,
The world is in the midst of a corona pandemic and regrettably, our Government is focusing on a power grab after its defeat in the election. The Government knows the election count. From all available Statements of Poll and accounts of observers, it appears that the Government lost the election unless it can show otherwise with authentic Statements of Poll. The international community has signalled that it will not accept anything less than the swearing-in of the real winner of the election.

The Government is advised to do the honourable thing and concede defeat. Or if it feels it has won, then let there be an unhindered, publicly observed count of the SoPs or the votes. The behaviour of the Government (opposing a recount of SoPs and/or votes) suggests to the international community that it lost the election.

There must be no further delay on cession so that the (new) legitimate President and Government can immediately focus on tackling issues pertaining to the coronavirus. People will not give respect to a Government that is not legitimate, and the USA and all other countries have made it known they will not recognise a Government not sourced from the will of the population from a fair count.

Why drag on the inevitable and put the country at risk of a pandemic from the coronavirus? Tens of thousands of lives are at risk. Concede defeat and allow the new leader to address corona!

Yours truly,
Vishnu Bisram

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