Improving Cooperation

Improving Cooperation

Dear Editor,

Although there is bifurcation in Parliament, the two major parties should ennoble the institution. There is no need for the callous and undignified conduct that we have all witnessed in the past. The presence of intransigent members makes it difficult to clinch a deal where policy initiatives are co-developed for the good of the nation. There must be some introspection over the holidays within the upper echelon of each party as to how intrinsic and fundamental change may be brought to fruition. The future interaction between members of Parliament must go beyond euphemisms if progress on key issues will be realized.

Although approaching such cordiality is a step far from the current imperiled atmosphere witnessed during the recent budget debates. With a closely contested elections seen during the last two cycles one would expect less antagonism to increase appeal to the 15,000 swing voters currently in the system. Being collegial within the highest chamber of government is evidently not the current post independence model of governance, but we must find our way back towards our learned civility rooted in the Westminster Model. Then and only then will we see the return of a truly cooperative spirit in Parliament and other government institutions.

This will also elevate the level of competence and investor confidence in the Cooperative Republic. It is dispiriting that the Ambassador from the UK would express reluctance in encouraging investment. The rule of law although reestablished at the upper levels of the Judiciary must now show its capacity at the lower levels of enforcement to rebuild the confidence of foreign investors who look for strength in the justice system at all levels. We must silence the skeptics and our leaders in Parliament have it within their reach to elevate the level of discourse and civility within our society via their example and conduct witin the National Assembly.

Best regards,
Mr. Jamil Changlee
The Cooperative Republicans of Guyana

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