Immunity for protection from Guyana and the US granted

Immunity for protection from Guyana and the US granted

Dear Editor,
Breaking News…Breaking News…On Friday, Guyanese present at the GECOM Headquarters were privileged to witness an espionage, secret agent, spy thriller type movie, enacted right in front their eyes with a James Bond setting, written by Alastair McLean and directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

It was an action-packed live engagement, with scenes depicting all the mysterious personalities, surprising and sudden movements and dialogues to create a frenzy and shocking display of running, retreat and exit with suspicious and shady characters and strange vehicles, appearing and disappearing before anyone could have caught their breath to know what hit them and to realise what exactly occurred.

After the crowd had recovered, bits and pieces of information unfolded and they were able to put the jigsaw pieces together but still missing are pertinent pieces to complete the estranged operation to leave all wondering if they can conclude correctly what is the true motive.

All they have remaining are circumstantial pieces of evidence but the key witnesses, players and actors are missing and regarded as hiding for obvious reasons. The CEO, Mr Low’s performance was excellent and is under consideration for an Oscar Award for best actor and the APNU/AFC as best director.

It was a well-scripted and rehearsed operation, no wonder the star of the show, Mr Low, had been practising, running, running and more running. Now we know why! Each scene orchestrated has been reported in the media since Friday.
Included in a trailer, one would see, Mr Low turning up at the GECOM’s meeting without the required report, claiming ignorance, dumb-struck and at a loss for understanding what the Chair’s requirements are, presenting a suspicious letter to the Chair asking for clarification, leaving the scene of the crime, a strange ambulance arriving, a flustered Low returning, a sudden outburst of a death threat on his life, running and scurrying out, reporters and the media dashing out of the way to save themselves from being run over by mad and enraged bulls, the rest of the crowd left dumbstruck and speechless, with their mouths open, tongues hanging out, eyes bulged and wide opened, voices lost for sound, secret service securities surrounding the runner and they all made a quick retreat to their waiting car, revving and waiting for the precious passengers, doors slamming and tires screeching as the racing car driver pulled out, followed by the disappearing act of the ambulance.

More Breaking News…Mr Low was last seen in the field and people thought he was running more for his life rather than the marathon training for the Olympics. But the word in the street is that he is running all the way to Venezuela where he will be granted immunity and protection from Guyana and the US. Were the 3 captured foreigners meeting with Mr Low to help guide him to his destination?

This latest news was relayed after the news broke out that he had sent a letter to the GECOM Chair, purporting Mingo’s false figures showing that the APNU/AFC had won the election instead of the PPP/C. As tongue waggers and rumour mongers would always be in receipt of all the juicy gossips and privileged underworld news, it was leaked that the death threat was issued by the Jumbies who voted and, (being upset because their votes were discarded by Mr Low) they were instructed to do so by the invisible Russians and, as luck would have it, eyewitnesses saw Mr Janjatan shaking hands with the Russians and bidding them goodbye as they departed on a helicopter that inexplicably landed at Rumzeight, West Coast Demerara, for the second time.

What goes up must come down. Dem boys were always suspicious of this guy who couldn’t look at Naggy straight in the eyes but always looking across the other side. This incident now throws a lot of light for the jumbies to see even in the day. Naggy suspect Janjatan crossed the floor and knock on the back door for another chance and he wants to “mek up.”

Remember the farewell speech when he confessed that the APNU/AFC lost the election and he was hauled over the hot, burning fire coals and had to repent by tongue-twisting a calypso tune over with dem Trinis? Yea man, what goes around, comes around and, Guyanese could do with some different kind of excitement for a change, to take their minds off this election result anxiety.

Again, over the past week, Guyana saw numerous, substantial and potent reassurances from various prominent and powerful dignitaries and emissaries from the international community, pledging their support for the people of Guyana; urging GECOM to swear in the legitimate and legal candidate, PPP/C’s Dr Irfaan Ali, as the new President and the PPP/C as the new Government and calling on the APNU/AFC to concede to this election recount result.
UK Foreign Office Minister, Baroness Elizabeth Sugg urged GECOM to declare the results of the Caricom scrutinised recount. UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres advised that the final official results must be recognised and accepted to bring about a quick end of the political impasse.

The OAS has appealed to GECOM to exclude those who display bias and thereby hinder the progression of the electoral process and that there must be no other figures other than the results of the National Recount and further made it clear that, fresh elections is “unacceptable.”

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Ex Liberia President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a member of Nelson Mandela’s Elders’ Group, has charged Guyana’s political leaders to reconcile and put the country above party interest.
The new Caricom Chairman, Dr Ralph Gonsalves called on all stakeholders to “respect the law” and to respect the verdict of the CCJ to allow the conclusion of Guyana’s 4-month-long electoral process.

The Acting Assistant Secretary for the US Department of State’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Michael Kozak stated in a tweet, “The will of Guyana’s voters cannot be ignored.”
The CCJ has ruled. It is time for Guyana to declare the winner of the Guyana elections results based on the National Recount vote. Canada Assistant Deputy Minister for the Americas, Michael Grant, in a tweet said, “It is time for the election result to be announced by GECOM based on the recount. No more delays.”

Former Jamaican PM, Mr Golding, expressed fear when he said, “The behaviour of the Government functionaries raised serious doubts whether they will accept the ruling of the CCJ.” Guyanese Sir S S Ramphal also called on GECOM to uphold its constitutional duty so that democracy prevails in the country.
Many individual Guyanese and organisations including the GCCI and many of the contested political parties are aggrieved and have openly expressed their frustration and disgust with the APNU/AFC party, especially the de facto caretaker, Mr “G,” for holding this country at ransom, thwarting the “will of the people.”

Guyanese from all walks of life are angry, astonished and bewildered with the recalcitrant CEO’s unsubordinated behaviour and that of the callous APNU/AFC party’s recalcitrant and obstinate actions.
For the third time, the Madam Chair, Ms Claudette Singh has been forced to summon a third meeting, scheduled for Monday. One would question why this further delay and tolerance for mischief, disrespect and outrageous game playing.

The entire national and international community is behind the Madam Chair and is ready, willing and prepared to protect her from any harmful interference, coercion, intimidation or vile influence. She has the full support of the nation and the people are relying on her to make the right call now. Not escaping the keen and watchful eyes of Guyanese were the two separate, strategic and important meetings with the diplomats from the ABCE and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Karen Cummings and the new COS of the GDF, Brigadier Godfrey Bess.

Much speculation and expectation are stirring in the air and the whiff of satiation from satisfaction, is slowly but surely being digested with a grain of salt. Are their cloak and dagger flouncing in the hallway? The patience of Guyanese is no longer wearing and thinning but has been exhausted.

It is time for the honourable Madam Chair to sing and the international diplomatic community has made the final announcement as the master of ceremony! Over to the Chair as the whole of Guyana sits in the audience, spellbound, but waiting anxiously to applaud your presence and intelligence for the essence of election encumbrance.

Jai Lall

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