Illegal appointments do not bode well for law and order

Illegal appointments do not bode well for law and order

Dear Editor,
There is a common saying which suggests that “No News is Good News.” A headline I read while perusing the Sunday Edition of the Kaieteur News reaffirms my belief in this above saying. The headline which caused this reaction is as follows “Granger govt. appoints 44 members across five state boards after elections”. This illegal action of the de facto regime is much alone cause for worry, however, closer examinations to the appointments are a cause for concern in equal measure.

The illegal appointments to these various state agency boards include five (5) to the Environmental Assessment Board, seven (7) to the Wildlife Scientific Committee, nine (9) to the Protected Areas Commission, eleven (11) appointments to the Guyana Wildlife Conservation and Management Commission and finally another eleven (11) Appointments to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Closer examination of these appointments revealed that all of these appointments were applied to state agencies that are mandated to defend Guyanese environmental interests in one form or another. These appointments are especially worrying considering the seemingly lax attitude towards natural resource extractors in our country. Is this willful ineptitude and ignorance of the laws of Guyana? Or is there a grander scheme afoot? Whatever the case may be, these illegal appointments do not bode well for law and order in Guyana.

Yours truly,
Jordon Nelson

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