If only we can get a President that can be selfless

If only we can get a President that can be selfless

Dear Editor,

Please allow me space in your very informative letter column to pen a few lines about a documentary and a movie I watched based on the life of a former President of a country right here in South America.
Sometime ago, I watched a movie of the freedom struggle of Uruguay spearheaded by three individuals who were sent to jail. Among the three was one named Jose Mujica.

They spent 13 years in prison being transferred between various prisons throughout the country. Prison life for them sometimes became so unbearable that they were losing their minds.
After their release from prison they continued the struggle to free the country of military rule. Sometime later in the struggle one of them, Jose, became the President of Uruguay. He served as the President until he retired in 2015.
The documentary I watched focused on the life of this President after he retired.

Editor, I urged all our aspiring Presidential hopefuls and our current President to take a deep look at the way a President should rule and live. It may be a life changing moment. Should anyone emulate and rule Guyana the way Jose did, rest assured Guyana will be safe and prosperous in the future.

This worthy man was not rich, he emerged from among the working class and he lived for them. He live the most simplest of life, used the simplest car, lived in a regular house and depend on his farm for his food and well being.
From time to time he would make visits to various places including schools practically teaching students to farm. He turned the prison he was housed into a sprawling shopping mall. He made sure he looked after the poorest in society so they can be self sufficient.

During his period as President he met various world leaders including President Obama and the Pope and at his meeting with President Obama he said that all non English speaking countries should become bilingual, he was a man with vision.
The one statement he made that was so pure was when he was asked that if he should have 80 billion dollars what he would do with it. He said the first thing a man with that much money would do is try to find out who is stealing from him. He went on to explain that that money could be used to make barren lands arable so that man can make use of those lands to help save the environment and feed themselves.
From what I saw there wasn’t any security detail following him around. I think he did not have reason for that, for he was trusted by the people and he trusted them.

In his retirement speech he told the people that he may be gone but he has just begun. He went on to tell them that they the people he would continue to breath until his last breath.
He is still alive.

If only we can get a President that can be so selfless Guyana will indeed be a Paradise.
I urged everyone who can access Netflix to watch this documentary, and I urged all media houses to show it or do a story about it.

Zahir Khan


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