I do hope wisdom prevails over emotion

I do hope wisdom prevails over emotion

Dear Editor,

The success of the so called third force (small parties) in our political landscape has been marginal since the UF/PNC Coalition brought about the demise of the PPP in 1963. Not until the rise of the AFC has any third party made an impact of some magnitude in our political scenario and for the second time a third force (AFC) will be archived in the annals of our history for failure to stand up to what seems like an ever marauding PNC. It is no secret that the AFC’s recent five years sojourn with the PNC had brought bitter disappointment to the people who voted for the Coalition in 2015, on account of the AFC being present there. It’s a pity the extent of the disdain from the people who supported the AFC in 2015 will not be revealed on account of the now “dead meat” (AFC) contesting under the Coalition’s umbrella.

In the run up to these elections, the PPP has been accusing the small parties on the periphery (ANUG, CG, etc) of not pulling their weight in the face of what seems like transgressions by the Coalition and GECOM on the Democratic principles enshrined in our constitution. I agree with the PPP. How could people build or repose trust for the small parties when they seemingly shy away from the major electoral challenges which strike at the heart of our democracy? Given the bitter disappointment created by the AFC, the small parties should know that political rhetoric and platitudes alone would not be enough to convince the electorate of their sincerity. They needed to put hand or mouth to the task. This Country needs a lot to be done in the area of constitutional reform, none of which could be gotten from the hands of this coalition if it remains in power.

The public should understand that a vote for these small parties makes it more difficult to effect the change that could bring the needed constitutional changes in the future. I do hope wisdom prevails over emotion.

Rudolph Singh

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