I believe the ultimate outcome is another “accord”

I believe the ultimate outcome is another “accord”

Dear Editor,

An independent view will never find favour with the loyalists. But the GECOM’s action over the past week was a stark reminder that political loyalties can breach even the most August constitutional bodies.
But fast forward to today and the “CARICOM supervision”. Truth is that GECOM is an independent body. Neither Granger nor Jagdeo can instruct them to do anything. If GECOM is hell-bent on mischief, then they will do mischief. If GECOM is intent on sticking to the legal processes then they will do just that.

The reality of today’s issues with the CARICOM supervision is that GECOM may “accommodate” the supervision of the recount in a limited way in the interest of transparency, but will not change its course or directions – it will do exactly as it did, absurd attempts and all.

Do you think GECOM did anything wrong so far? You may think so – but GECOM doesn’t. None of the actions of Mingo et al was admonished by the CEO. And, the Chairman cannot do the work of the CEO.
Like it or not, none of the threats of sanctions or other actions bother Granger, as he will continue to maintain, rightly so, that it is GECOM that makes a declaration and he is far removed from it. No one can sanction GECOM….GECOM is not the country.

So, what is the ultimate outcome to all of these by-plays?
I believe the ultimate outcome is another “accord” that will work out the modalities of the next elections which will be – either by agreement or by Court Order, via elections petition, in three years.

In conclusion, whatever the modalities or agreements or outcome of the process, let us start thinking of a real change in the political make-up of the future Guyana Government. It cannot continue to be winner takes all.

Dr. Yog Mahadeo

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