Dear Editor,

As a young professional who would’ve returned home to serve beautiful Guyana, because I would like to see this nation progress and flourish the way it should, I must state that I (and I do speak on behalf of many young Guyanese professionals), I AM FRUSTRATED with the current state of Guyana. I say this because on the 2nd of March 2020, many of us exercised our democratic right to cast a vote for the political party of our choice, ten (10) days later, we are left to ponder (even with the CJ’s ruling), if the leaders of our nation have any integrity left! By now, one would think that a President would’ve been sworn in. I am kindly asking for those at GECOM to do the right thing. What if sanctions are imposed? What if persons refuse to comply with the laws of our land because some are of the opinion that GECOM has no regard for the law? What happens? The current situation is uncalled for. This could have been avoided if GECOM had followed due process as they did for the other 9 electoral districts (regions).

As I sit here, WORRIED, DISAPPOINTED AND FRUSTRATED knowing that our country is slowly becoming an UNDEMOCRATIC STATE!

Concerned Young Professional

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