Huge increase in spending by Granger administration

Huge increase in spending by Granger administration

Dear Editor,

The table below is a reflection of the cash deficit in the nation from 2015 to 2019 as sourced from the Auditor General Reports and the Bank of Guyana Reports.  It is further clarified by the graph, which shows the runaway expenditure under Mr. David Granger:

The trend is clear! Mr. Granger led a team that has expanded the current and capital expenditure of this nation  by G$75 billion since he arrived in May 2015 and we have very little to show for it.  The aggregate of all his spending totals more than G$1.4 trillion.  But yet, when I looked around Guyana, I struggle to find the evidence of this spending.  The big question is – what do we have to show for this spending?

So irrespective of what Mr. Granger tells you, his track record is all we have to judge him on and the evidence is clear – his presidential performance is dismal.

Yours faithfully,

Sasenarine Singh


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