Herring; Fair Elections is The Issue

Herring; Fair Elections is The Issue

Dear Editor,

As the Guyana elections drama continues, some political power seekers as well as academics have been calling for power sharing as the way out of the current political crisis. This is simply a “red herring”, a fallacy common among illogical thinkers.

Shared government, which has been discussed by major parties for decades, maybe a model to explore for governance in Guyana’s plural setting.

But Editor, let us not allow ourselves to be distracted by this call for power sharing. The central issue is about the counting or recounting of the votes, specifically for Region Four. The issue is about free, fair and transparent elections and the preservation of democracy in the South American Republic.

When this issue is settled and the legitimate winner takes the rein of government, then it will be time to return to the subject of constitutional reform and shared government as a way to avoid tragedies in later elections.

Yours truly,
Dhanraj Bhagwandin

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