Hamilton Green pontificating on “theology vs thiefology”

Hamilton Green pontificating on “theology vs thiefology”

Dear Editor,

It was rich of Hamilton Green to pontificate on “theology vs thiefology” like he has some moral high ground on which to stand (K. News -July 12th).
I agree with Harry Gill (K.News -July 10th); Hammy needs to spend the balance of his days telling the truth about his direct involvement during the rigging Burnham years. Maybe he has enjoyed not being held accountable but he should be reminded that he is not immune from accountability for the rigging that took place then nor as an enabler to the current crop of riggers.

At a time when many Guyanese in and out of Guyana are concerned about the possibility of the country having an illegitimate government and facing sanctions which will be horrible for most Guyanese, many of the old PNC stalwarts are trying to keep the rigging alive.

I also find it interesting when Green and others start to talk about reconciliation as they see things unraveling with their rigging attempts. They all of a sudden want to talk to the winning party about power sharing. Don’t these people understand that everyone can see through that? Just how foolish do they think the Guyanese people are?
Morality should not be something amoral people preach about… Hammy needs to fully understand that he will be remembered as one of Burnham’s cronies in Guyana’s history… but even this truth does not bother amoral people… but please let’s remind such people that there is a final arbiter.

Green is suggesting that we need to mend and heal a divided nation and goes on to write “In the United States we find a few who make simplistic statements about democracy in Guyana. They ignore, for example that the US maintains the largest and most powerful military in modern history, which in essence has always supported their interpretation of democracy”. Green further states “We have today an interesting situation where to my mind, the CCJ for whatever reason has cast aside our laws and assaulted our sovereignty”…

Hammy for your information, unlike you and your friends in the losing party, there are many Guyanese who are thankful that the US and it’s military and economic power along with many other countries including Canada, CARICOM and the EU are standing up for Guyana against the rigging cabal. I imagine that since you and so many others in the PNC participated in rigging for so long, you find those countries and institution trying to do what is right for Guyana somehow wrong.

Questioning the motives of the CCJ when you showed little regard for the constitution of Guyana and respect for voters is both unfortunate and laughable. Once again, many Guyanese are thankful that despite the crude attacks from the PNC, the justices of the CCJ stood up for democratic principles in Guyana. What seems to be important to you and many of the PNC diehards is that the rigging must be accepted. I suggest you do the right thing and denounce the blatant fraud of Mingo and Lowenfield.

If you live in the US, I imagine that you are enjoying the benefits of the very nice pension that the Granger administration arranged for you even though they found no money for sugar workers and others. I suggest you pay your share of taxes to the US treasury on the comfortable retirement benefits you are receiving from Guyanese taxpayers to allow for the US military to remain strong and protect those who are vulnerable to the evil actions of dictators not respecting the will of the people! Keep Democracy Alive in Guyana!

C. De Barros

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