Guyanese will not take matters lying down any longer

Guyanese will not take matters lying down any longer

Dear Editor,

Guyana stands proud to still rejoice in whatever little dignity and honour remains with the few sons and daughters she possesses who are willing to defend the soils of this nation. For too long, her rights have been trampled on, in particular over the past four years that tyranny has been in governance. She has been desecrated, pilfered, robbed, looted and raped mercilessly and perpetually with flagrant disregard for any sanctity, while the protectors for her prestige stand idle and refuse to lift even a finger and come to her rescue.

This unabashed outburst translates to the breakdown of law and order in the country and the unflattering pursuance that ventures on a campaign besmeared with defecation, destruction, pollution and contamination. The upholders of justice have crossed the floor and shunned their legal robes to join hands in collusion with the promulgation of vandalism, desecration, erosion, defacing and devastation of the state’s property. The wheel of ruin, impairment and injury continues to spin throughout the length and breadth of this country at the whims and fancy of this villainous element of unprincipled rejects who continue to squat in office, unheeded and unaffected by any criticisms, regardless of the source. It confirms how high this cabal is floating and how aloof they pervade from decency and morality. They are fearless of danger and would extend their sharp steel to dispel and disperse any form of attack, in any form and shape.

It is of some degree of consolation that, not many but few are ready and willing to shun their calm and pronounce their readiness and willingness to march to the front line and withstand the torrid blows that can be rained on their fragility but at the said time, remain firm and unmoved. More are needed to join force and link arm in arm so that, the right message will be relayed depicting that Guyanese will not take matters lying down any longer and are culpable of putting up a fight and resist the affront of attrition by constant harassment of barefacedness and bullishness. Guyana tips her hat to all the past and present legitimate heroes whose praises are sung who have stood their grounds in guarding the preservation of liberty, equality and fraternity.

At this crucial moment in Guyana’s history, we are at the apex of the slaughter of democracy by the few desperadoes whose sole intention is to retain power come hell or high water. All sober minded and right thinking Guyanese would like to see more of this type of bravery as espoused by the valiant effort of Mr. Glenn Lall, a true patriot of Guyana. There is the urgent need for more measures to be translated into actions, especially by influential individuals and not only the political stakeholders.

Followers of truth, honesty and decency raise their glasses and toast to your effort to help strike down injustice so that there can be an equitable distribution for fairness, transparency and egalitarianism. Citizens taking this position can only enhance the valour that most Guyanese associate their culture with and the teachings that their parents and foreparents cultivated in their families. This is reinforcement and encouragement for the international community to extend a more meaningful hand, come to the quick rescue of this depleted nation and champion a cause for the safety and security of an impoverished Guyanese nation.

Jai Lall

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