Guyanese Politicians must exercise Political Maturity

Guyanese Politicians must exercise Political Maturity

Dear Editor,

The following views and recommendations expressed by the Guyana United Artists (G.U.A) as relates to our present Electoral impasse is founded on the experience of some of our members who participated in the struggle for free and fair Elections since 1979.

Enormous sacrifices were made by the sugar workers, bauxite workers, and Guyanese working people. The combination of Political parties later referred to as the Patriotic Coalition for Democracy (PCD). The Trade Unions, the Churches and the GUARD Movement, many members of the WPA and from its Distribution Unit the “Brigade” lost their lives, among whom was our beloved brother, eminent Guyanese Historian, Dr. Walter Rodney. Recognized around the world for his contribution to the struggle of the oppressed and in Guyana for the promotion of National Unity.
Walter’s Assassination is what set the stage for free and fair elections in Guyana in 1992 as the free world and those engaged in the struggle for National Liberation condemned the actions of the PNC. The Carter Center did play an important part in having the PNC concede to Electoral defeat by the PPP led by the late Dr. Chedi Jagan.

The untold story that social historians will someday record is how the PPP hijacked the democratic process, sidelined its PCD partners (the WPA being part of that grouping). The PPP between 2002 – 2004 behaved as though Guyana was their personal property.

In May 2015 the PPP was defeated at the polls by the APNU+AFC Coalition. It shattered its credibility and uncertainty caused the party to summon its support. In this way, the PPP was assured of victory in 2020. The APNU+AFC popularity was short-lived, in less than 4 years people realized that they were no better than the PPP, and this was compounded by the incompetence shown in dealing with Exxon Mobil which caused Guyana Billions of US Dollars which could have been used for Guyana’s development in Agricultural Diversity, infrastructure, manufacturing industries, trade and investment in South America, the construction of the Georgetown – Lethem Highway, the deep-water harbour and an end to Blackouts.

The March 2nd, 2020 General Elections was Judgement Day for the Coalition. Almost one month later it is resorting to all manner of subterfuge in order to return to power. It is a long time since the ’60s, ’70s and 80’s when the PNC could manufacture Election Results and claim victory and the Civilized world turn a blind eye.
The ABC countries, EU, the CCC, International Observers, contesting political parties and Civil Society are all calling on President Granger to do the right thing. It is not defeat for the Coalition it is allowing the free flow of the Democratic Process, to do otherwise would invite great misfortune to the Coalition and the People of Guyana.

The PPP will not be able to rule in the old way, there are many Guyanese Stakeholders who have come to the fore and Guyana has gained the attention of the International Community.
This is a time when all around the world countries are closing their borders and cities shutting down, for Guyanese Politicians to exercise Political Maturity and Guyana embrace National Reconciliation. A common agenda that will bring our Nation together would be to open our vast lands to all Guyanese, to engage in Agricultural production, livestock rearing, etc. this would unleash Guyana’s potential, save our Nation, save our Young Generation, save the people of the Caribbean and the Americas.

Yours Faithfully,
Desmond Alli
(General Secretary Guyana United Artists GUA)

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