Guyana’s poor, downtrodden will suffer in the long run

Guyana’s poor, downtrodden will suffer in the long run

Dear Editor,
The current “regime”, namely PNC/APNU/AFC, and others in the cabal are overplaying their hands. The hierarchy in the PNC have control of the power apparatus, ie, David Granger, Joseph Harmon, and others in the secreted sinister background. The peripheral appendages do not really count. They have been reduced to nonentities in the existential political praxis.

The PNC (the operational power in the alliance) has always “won” elections by way of rigging, subverting all democratic norms – since the ignominious days of Forbes Burnham – reducing beloved Guyana to be relegated as the poorest countries at one time, second to Haiti.

Where are we going, and what are we heading to? Granger and APNU have snubbed all implorations from the overseas observers and local VIPs – with total disregard and disrespect – ignoring diplomatic, consular, and ambassadorial international norms.

The power play is tantamount to a dictatorship, not unlike the Burnhamite. (Recall the infamous Sophia Declaration.) Guyanese must protest and object vehemently. Those who know better should do better. The dark days of dictatorship must never return.

Guyana should not be categorised as a “shithole” country or a “turd” world country, although applicable in the current context.

Let us hope that good judgement prevails. Let us work towards a solution to avoid sanctions. It is the poor and downtrodden who will suffer in the long run.

G Girdhari

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