Guyana will not be removed from the precipice of success

Guyana will not be removed from the precipice of success

Dear Editor,

I recently read a letter in your newspaper titled: “Guyanese youth are losing hope because of the politics of the old”. The author is a young man, known to me personally of which I hold no malice. Notwithstanding, I find the urge to reply to his letter due to the several “dangerous” assertions made; by someone who in the same letter showcased his panoply of work in political activism.

The author urged the political leaders on all sides to do better. While this statement in itself is a constructive one and one I support, given the context of the 2020 elections, this statement is grossly misplaced and quite frankly there is NO need to call on “all sides”. There is only one side responsible for the almost five-month election impasse. In no uncertain terms, that side is the incumbent APNU+AFC which has evidently tried to rig these elections on at least five occasions with five different results. Their sixth attempt is currently on display as they appeal the Chief Justice’s decision.

The author of the letter goes on to say “Whoever takes up government, and those who become opposition Members of Parliament I call on you to demonstrate to our youth that you truly hear us and want better for our futures. I call on you all to first apologize to this nation and to our young people especially.”

I am perturbed by this statement; it is even more dangerous than the first. Is the author trying to assuage the supporters and leadership of the coalition faction or has he not seen the plethora of evidence, the rulings of the apex court, the statements from the most legitimate interlocutor and other electoral observer missions which all confirm what I have promulgated earlier – APNU+AFC has lost these elections but continually try to steal it?

Given the extensive political engagement referenced by the author in his letter, it is astonishing that the author would not join in the call for the Granger regime to resign and for democracy to prevail. Therefore, the title of his letter is accurate but the arguments are disingenuous at best – Guyanese youth are [indeed] losing hope because of the politics of the old. This politics of the old must refer to the nearly three decades of Guyanese history where democracy was trampled on, where elections did not reflect the will of the people. In 2020, leaders from the political party responsible for those years of electoral theft, now try to invoke the same ideology and gamesmanship. As such, many of us are understandably losing hope that this situation will yield a positive outcome.

But rest assured my fellow young people, another illegitimate Government will not be formed in Guyana. The will of the people reflected in the votes cast on March 2nd will be respected and Guyana will not be removed from the precipice of success.

Yours Truly,
John Edghill

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