Guyana is sick, tired and fed-up, yet peaceful, resilient and patient

Guyana is sick, tired and fed-up, yet peaceful, resilient and patient

Dear Editor,
We learn that a “femme fatale” is a stereotypical person whose frequent recurring behaviour is easily recognizable.
She is a gorgeous woman who uses her charms to ensnare her lovers compromisingly, and leads them into deadly traps through guile, cunning and foxy pretence. She uses tongue-twisters and puns, retracts words, and disguises intentions with false words and contradictory statements, factored into artistic revelry and literary revelations.

With the power to entice, hypnotise and enchant with lies, deceit and dishonesty, the flattering, illusive beauty exercises a sense of power and control over the weaklings, who tend to succumb easily and would dance merrily to her tune.
A sense of mysticism and uneasiness surrounds a femme fatale to comfort her dubious morality, which is typically villainous. Her natural behaviour is intriguing, as she utilises coercion and lies more than charisma in order to succeed in her devious motive. Such threating quality includes promiscuity and rejects “motherhood”; it is a trait that spells danger, and a potentially fatal end results with each encountered second spent in the company of such irresistible beauty.

Immediately, we think of the handsome 007 as a victim falling to such a predator as she presents herself in every step of his duty, only to have him eventually foil her sinister plan and, in turn, use such a femme fatale to his advantage to successfully complete his mission.

One wonders if this term was historically coined as a phrase in the modern days of French linguists as they premeditated that the significance, semblance and similarity in the composition of all the elements would compound the essence of creativity, bearing the pertinence to accurately portray the colourful description of a PNC Party with a need, not to agitate, but to instigate a consciousness to be wary of such treacherous impediments in society, and to take all necessary precautions when dealing with such a femme fatale.

Daily, each one of the PNC Party’s actions portrays the nature and quality of a femme fatale, and we are being constantly reminded of this with public displays.
Not to reiterate, but a quick recap down memory lane would suffice our objective and satisfy our curiosity. From the 1960s, the PNC Party haven’t changed in nature except in name, and so their behaviour is recurring. Their nice words are articulated by orators to impose a beauty that is not tangible, but temporary, and dissolves quickly under pressure from facts, not fiction, with each drop of rain. Their cunningness is well orchestrated by skilful manipulation in controlling all key sectors and administrative players in the country under the pretense of “security reasons.” From the inception, they have painted a rosy picture with their propaganda machinery, having utilised state assets to fool the public and ridicule anyone who attempts to disagree with their lies and dishonesty.

The PNC Party have always used various devious configurations to get their own way in everything, with help from different sources, and have always used innocent bystanders to do their dirty work. Through coercion, manipulation, intimidation, threats, persuasion, victimisation, discrimination and other dictation, they do manage to achieve their motives with hidden agendas through more foul means rather than less fair means.

Of course, not to undermine their reckless, thoughtless, heartless, careless and hapless behaviour, action and attitude, this translates to the demise of fairness and justice, and the rule of thumb for law and order is ignored, overruled and ridiculed because of their influence with the necessary authorities in all areas. The PNC Party’s dogmatic charisma supersedes the needs of society at the expense of blooming potentials in the youthful field , and as such, greed monopolises as a servitude and a blind eye is turned to any rule and regulation, especially for the constitution, to dictate a permanent domain for power and a lifetime control, strangling any resurrection for alternative government-ship from opposing parties.

As such, the birth for a nucleus of innovative creativity and imitation of modernity is aborted and the stigma of unethical political pragmatism is further induced to deny the freedom of democratic survival the equitable distribution of fairness and justice. No wonder the PNC Party want to remain a singular entity, devoid of any pluralistic involvement so that they can wield the ignominy of dictatorship through bullishness and barefacedness.

What we’re left with, as the ole people say is, “a pretty face with dirty ways.” Indeed, the beauty of a party is stymied with radicalism, leading to a state of dystopia, encountering catastrophic disasters that spell doom and gloom.
Today heralds the dawning of another milestone. With the sitting of the Guyana Court of Appeal in yet another frivolous and vexatious litigation from the APNU/AFC party, “None sense vs Common sense” will once again occupy a seat for show time where “skin teeth” will showcase that it is no “laugh.” This matter is certainly no “slip of the tongue”, but is rather one of “showing of the slip.”

A decision that should not override precedence is only the “norm of the day”, and is one that the appellant is not only aware of, but also expecting, so there should be no surprises. But a verdict either way will probably end up on the lap of the CCJ again, and the goodly “foreign” honourable men and women will once again have to endure patience and diplomacy to face the uncomfortableness of illogicality.

How do you rationalise with insanity is beyond the comprehension of the international community, and it only infuriates an already flammable relationship. The perpetual insistence to attack with interruptions and defend with litigations is the call for the Opposition to give up and give in, so that the incumbent can come up and come in. This is their language of “dialogue,” a one-way street for the APNU/AFC Party, in which there is no room for another Party. Their peaceful message has not a piece of peace, but is one that would pierce you in order to appease themselves.

Guyana is sick, tired and fed-up; yet, peaceful, resilient and patient — a unique combination that provides an equation unsurmountable by any other country as it quickly reaches the benchmark of 156 days for an election recount result, as required by Lowenfield.
Guyanese can tolerate only so much, and the line of demarcation for “enough is enough” is quite visible and should be highlighted in red. GECOM’s CEO passive resistance is no longer tolerable, and the eloquent Madam Chair is only too cognisant of this delaying tactic and insubordination.

The honourable Ms. Claudette Singh is now visualised as the real “Iron Lady”, and she should be considering stepping up to the plate and grabbing the bull by its horns. An entire country’s future is at stake, and people are literally starving because of the implication from the complication of an incomplete election process. No more ‘nice guy’ attitude is well in order, and Lowenfield needs to be fired and replaced immediately.

There should be no more voluntary undertaking to maintain the status quo of GECOM, and the Madam Chair needs to aggressively put her pedal to the metal and drive home a homerun. This is not an advice for the learned Madam Chair, who needs no schooling, but it is a reminder from the Guyanese public that the rug needs to be jerked from under the APNU/AFC Party’s feet firmly and steadfastly. The fearless Madam Chair has the blessings of the entire national and international community to act legally, legitimately, correctly, and immediately.

It is time to put this matter to bed, and deal with the consequences. Running from a shadow is not the answer, and GECOM needs to face reality, realistically and practically. How will Guyana sleep tomorrow is any fool’s guess, as the marching band will continue to court anything but courtesy.

Jai Lall

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